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Today's events

Hello all readers,

First off, if he's added me, I'd like to welcome blindgeek to this journal. I hope you find it pleasant...LOL and welcome to those that are just starting with him...candypumpkins maybe reading as well.

Now�this morning was rather a good one except for my mom getting on me about my sleeping schedule. She feels that I need to change my sleeping schedule because staying up to midnight and sleeping late will get my system all screwed up. When she was saying this I didn't say anything, I just sort of lay there.
Then she said that it was my life and to forget she said anything.
After that I went online for a bit to do e-mails and stuff. I was on our place for a bit with nightshadow16, afro_thunder, Chelsie, Kerry and another Sarah. I got offline in order to unload the dishwasher and put away some of the dishes that were lying around that I knew were clean. That's one of my responsibilities in the house is to keep the dishwasher cleaned out. I don't mind doing it at all as it helps my parents. After that I went on a phone conference, and a couple of interactive phone systems. When I got back online, I messaged one of my friends who I don't message very often and we talked for a pretty good time. But then I had to get off because there was thunder outside and it was raining like nothing else. It was coming down in sheets.
Yesterday I had found a source for a lot of the Valdemar books in text which was a yayness in itself...but today was even better since I got a lot more of Mercedes Lackey stuff that wasn't Valdemar related...yea!!
I'll lead up to this, though because I feel like it. LOL I callednightdrake and we talked about some stuff and the books came up in conversation. We talked about how freedom chat had split over some stupid shit and we talked about how some people just call for needs and not to talk and then we talked about our LJ's. I told her that I sort of new Igor and to ask him if he remembered me. She was talking to him at the time which I didn't know, so she asked him...negative.
Well then I got online and she sent me a shit load of books and the FC client. I was then on FC and I created a room where Igor and I met officially. He and I actually got to speak directly instead of just being in rooms together...yayayayayayayay!!! Also my friend Nykky from Chicago who also doesn't come on all that much was on as well, so she and I got to catch up which was totally awesome. We discussed my major switching thing and being bored at home. It was really coolness!!
So then I answered more e-mails and got offline to call Doreen, my friend in Milwaukee. We stayed on the phone for like and hour and that was a lot of fun. We talked about her dogs, her friend who was currently in Las Angeles and various other things. Then Aerikah had a situation that made her panicky, so we called and talked to her for a bit and after Doreen got off the phone, Aerikah and I talked for a bit. I'm just now off the phone with her and am writing here.
LOL I know this is about as detailed as I can get, and for a stay at home day, it was pretty full, no? LOL
I hope all are well and have a good night all of you. *smiles*

The Phoenix
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