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Hey all phoenix fanatics,

Some of this is sort of redundant, but in the whole scheme of things, most of it's not. And if you are new readers, it will explain some things.

I will start from the beginning here.
I was invited to a summer program for visually impaired students that allowed us to take summer classses and live on a University campus to see what it
was like. Sure I am already in college, sure I have already taken classes, but this was so much different as to be completely alien to me.
First of all I was at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Much bigger than Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers.
It was just like adjusting to FGCU all over again. I was on complete sensory overload and culture shock. So many people, so many neww sounds and scents�.and it was soooo big!!! I took two music courses which
have caused me to rethink...more on that later. I was also so overwhelmed by all the new sensations that it seemed my abilities were all off kilter. I
was no longer able to predict weather patterns by using my own self, I was no longer able to tell who was feeling what by my own intuition, I was no longer
able to be completely alone with my own energies because I was always surrounded by others' energy patterns.
I met some lovely people there, but some don't think that the new age stuff is real. There is one who likes the traditional approach to things, but she and
I are still friends none the less. I had a few oppertunities to teach others about the wonders of nature and how to use it to predict wind direction changes
and other things.
One of my male friends there didn't realise that if you were to stand, knowing what direction you are facing, and listen to the leaves and feeling the
wind coming to you that you could tell which direction the wind had switched to. Example. You know you are facing north, you hear the leaves pause for half
a second, you feel the slightest breeze from your left, after the wind has been coming from the direction you are facing. You know now that the wind has
changed from north to east. If you can tell the smell is stronger of the rain cent in the air, you will also know that the rain will becoming to your area
from that direction.
I did not say this in so many words, but he understood it.
Toward the end of the program I was able to do most of the things I was able to do before I went, plus others. I was able to see images from the trees of
where to go when i was lost a few times and I would always thank them for assisting and guiding me. I also had two of the best massages from a woman who
is very much interested and very aware of her spirit guides and helpers.
Now on to one of the major points in my post.
I took two music classes, A music of western culture class where we studied classical and orchestra music from the western composers of France, Germany, Italy,
Russia, England and the United States.
I also took a Choral class that allowed me to use my voice in new and interesting ways. I got the different language singing I had always wanted and got
to sing in an actual university Choir.
Because of these two classes I am thinking about changing my major. I am not sure what I will do yet, I have several options I could do. My majors at the
moment are Communications and Spanish and the Spanish one would be the one being switched if I choose to go in that direction. I am a senior, or so people
say, though I see myself as a junior, so some think it foolish to switch it out now.
Here are the options I have available to me:
1. I could finish my next year at Florida Gulf Coast University, transfer the credits from there to Florida State University (where I just came from(, switch
majors and finish a degree in music and communications.
2. I could finish my degree at FGCU, go scholarship hunting (if division of blind services won't pay for second bachelor degree) and acquire a second degree
in just music
3. I have a teacher here that is teaching me voice in piano. I could finish my degree in Communications and Spanish and just add another class to my lesson
load with her.
I am not sure what I will do yet, all I know is that I am getting support from all sides so far and two have said to follow my dream. One of them is a psychic
who is in Florida...close to tequesta, which is interesting since I have been seeing a tequesta spirit hovering around as of late. I will not go into more
detail there as this one is just now beginning to trust me.
I talked it over with my mom who feels it is foolish to change it this late in the game. I told her that I was going to sit down with a guidance counsellor
and get their opinion on it.
I just wanted to let you all know that I was home safe, if not all there financially, but that is another story in itself and as this post is lengthy as
it is, I will be stopping for the moment.
I hope all are well and pleas keep each other safe.

Said financial trouble is in previous entries.
This was an e-mail that I sent out to various groups. I have deleted the parts that do not pertain to readers here, but all the important stuff is there. The only reason it is cut is due to length.
The Phoenix
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