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hello all readers,
I got up this morning to one of the best things since I came homeColin. Colin's nose against my hand, him jumping onto the keyboard so I could reach out and pet him. It was nearly his breakfast time, and he came to find me for ityea!!!
I fed him, and mom and I talked about the money thing again. She told me that she hoped I wouldn't end up like another Nancy. Her sister who has been in debt for several years and is still in the mind set that she can borrow from one account to pay off the other. I told her, which isn't really a good thing to be in, that I have this whole mind set of I have a never ending cash flow. Which nowI have spentall my money for the month and I am stuck till the end. I am unable to go anywhere, I can't do anything except for be boredand I'm just kind of like screwed. Mom said that I was right about the mind set and I needed to change it.
So then she left and I have been unpacking for most of the day. I started listening to a book called "The Power of Positive Thinking."
It is a really good book, but it does have a lot to do with Christianity. It mentions the Bible a lot, but the thing I like is he uses it as an affirmative tool, not a cruch. He has you commit a lot of it to memory, but it is to help you become a better person. He says the teachings of Christianity sayonly twice that I can see and Jesus saysonly once so far. I don't know whether he is a Christian or not, I wouldn't be surprised, though, if he is. I'm wondering if there are any books like this written from any other perspectives. He does talk about a divine energy, he says, however, to tell yourself that God is the source of all energyI suppose I would agree with that, though not everyone calls it GodSpirit, Creator, Great Spirit.anything else?
In any case, I was listening to that while I was unpacking and now I have everything unpacked except for my music. I have put everything that I want to go back to FGCU with me that I don't need at the moment in a plastic storage bin that will be sitting in the back room for the next two weeks or so. I started with my suitcase and unpacked all my close. I didn't realize how many shirts I had until I had to place some of them in my pajama drawer. I then cleaned out all the plastic bags I had that held all my cleaning supplies, went to my toiletry bucket, then the storage bin. I then refilled the bin with the stuff I wouldn't be using right away that would be going back to FGCU with me.
I then ate lunch and am now writing here. It's going to be a pretty long afternoon I think as I will be unpacking a lot of my music and some of the music I have will need cases that I will need help finding. I am going to have mom and I sit down and label the rest of my CD's, then I am going to update my CD list that I have in excel to include all the new music I have. I think I may do some of that now as I can remember some of the stuff that I have bought recently. Until next time, take care of yourselvesand try to learn a lesson from me. LOL

The Phoenix
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