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classes are done...yea!!

Classes are over and I have the whole day off. I just had another massage which was absolutely wonderful. I am most certainly going to miss this particular massage therapist because we have so much in common.
The subject of alternative methods came up again and we had a nice long talk on spirit guides and helpers. She told me that she always invites her guides and helpers in and says a prayer to have the healing energy channel through her to the person. She also says that she asks the energy to heal according to the will of the person. We talked about going to that special place where it is just you and no one else.
She told me that I had reminded her to call on her guides more often than she had been doing, and that made me feel good. Of course I thanked the Universe for giving me that oppertunity to help and teach. Anyway...I suppose I'm letting my spiritual side show in this entry a little more than usual, but I think it's kind of cool how things like that can be drawn to you in order to help others.
I've had one other teaching oppertunity which was awesome in itself because it had to do with nature...and I always enjoy passing along wisdom to those I know will appreciate it.
In any case, I am leaving earlier than I expected. I will be home by Thursday afternoon, not Saturday as I had thought. I will still be alone in the house, though as both my parents will have jobs. Not that this is all that new to some of you, but it still means that I will be stuck again. Unless I can find a way to miraculously go somewhere....and do something.
We did talk about some rather interesting composers today, to change the subject real quick. We talked about Howard Mansin, Aaron Copeland, SP, and George Gurshwin. We heard some of each composer's music and we also heard our professor play some Gurshwin pieces on the piano. I love it when he plays!!!!! He is absolutely brilliant with the thought Tracey was good? Well...sorry to say she's met her match with this person...absolute brilliance.
Anyway, I told him that I thoroughly enjoyed the class and as a gift, though I didn't tell him as much, I showed him my only piece I could play. I told him that I wanted to share it with him. He told me that I should keep my skills up and that I had a good feel for the keyboard. He also told me about a totally blind Jazz pianist who had done a concert at FSU. He said his name was Marcus, but he couldn't remember his last name. He said, though, that he was one of the great Jazz pianists. This was after he asked if I could see anything at all. I felt pleased, even though I did make some mistakes. I just felt that he would appreciate that more than words, since he is a music teacher. Gift of music for a teacher of the same. I did not even think of impressing him, but if I did, I did.
I left then and had lunch and after that went to my massage...and the rest is written above.
So now...I suppose I should pack since I am leaving in a few days and earlier than I thought.
Take care all.

The Phoenix
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