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Hello all,

This entry seems sort of out of place among all the stuff that seems to be going on right now, but here we go...
I was up this morning at about nine and took a shower before going through e-mails.
Then I got a call from Merari about the picnic at Macclay Gardens. I sort of got lost on the way to the student union and got all nervous and upset, but I handled it pretty well considering I tried to figure out where I was through all of it.
I managed to get someone to get me to the union where everybody was. What was interesting about this one was that his name was Ben. Which just happens to be the name of one of my brothers best friends and college room mates. Both the same person. Nice looking guy too. Sounded about my age. LOL SO then I found out that there was going to be swimming at the gardens and went up to get my suit, but on the way up, Joe called and said no on swimming, I went ahead and got my suit anyway which turned out to be the best thting I had done all day. We had a lot to eat at the picnic, hot dogs mainly, chicken wings, develled eggs, chips, potato salad, baked beans and the like. I didn't have all of that, but I know that there were some who did.
So then I went swimming and was playing with various ramdom little ones and just enjoying the sounds of children's laughter. Iplayed with Kim and Sean, and when I tickled him, the sound of his laughter made my spirits soar. I revelled in the sounds of playing laughing children, parents throwing their children into the water, when one of the older littles came up and said hello. She was nine years old, Name was nakeetra and she and her other various siblings and young relations were very inquisitive.
She asked if I was blind, if I could see at all, I said yes and no to the questions and she realized that I could here where she went and that's how I knew where she was. OK, maybe that's not such a big deal, but the big deal was that I didn't have to explain that to her, she figured it out on her own. Then she started singing itsy bitsy spider and I sang it with her. She then proceeded to ask if I had had any children, and I said no, but that I had worked with children before. Had I ever been married. No, was I devourced. No I had never been married. Was I in college. Yep. All of this out of a nine year old, mind.
So then her other relations started coming around and I met twelve your old Nicricia pronounced necrissya, three your old Robert, (RJ), Gabrielle, Tishiqua, and another that I can't remember the name of. I could tell all of them were very intelligent for their ages, even with Necrissya's "How old you is?" I was very impressed with the way she, Nakeetra, had asked the questions, just as if she were talking to someone else she knew and not talking up to melike I was some high and mighty adult, or talking like she was scared of me or something. I also taught them how to braid hair. I had told them how to do it, and one of the girls picked it up, I think it was either nakeetra or Tishiqua, and started doing it to my hair. I had taught them because one of the girls was playing with my hair and looking at it. I thought it was really cool how the girls could pick up things so quickly even if they had only been shown once how to do it. I told the one who was doing my hair that she was doing a good job, and right after I said that, she stopped...ah the joys of praising children. I love children so much, they are so innocent and yet so wise at the same time. Anyway,I got hugs from all of them. They seemed sort of surprised that I wanted hugs from all of them. It was as if no one had wanted a hug from every one of them before, or if they did, it was very seldom. I was glad that I had done that, for even if I didn't remember all their names, I feel that I made each one feel appreciated for who they were. Not just children, but my fello human beings. SO then I left the water, and on the way to the bathroom, two of them said by again to me. I think, had I not given each one a hugg, they would not have done that, but of course that's just me. SO then I went back up to the picknic place and on their way from the bathroom back to the beach they stopped, or at least Nakeetra and RJ did, to say bye to me. They were the only two that had left the beach, no the lake side.
See, I had gone down to the water with Kim, Gordon, Kim's sun Shawn, and a fellow musician Adam. He was a drum and bass player and is also the technology person for the Division of Blind Services. I left feeling pleased with myself and no less impressed with the intelligence of the children I had met at the beach. I love it when I can just sit and talk to children like that, knowing that what I say will be heeded and kept because they are genuinely curious. It isn't often that you find such treasures in children as young as Nakeetra.
In anycase, I just wanted to write a brag session on that little one and her family. Blessings on the parents who raise those children, it seems we will ahve at least five or six productive adults in society if they stay as inquisitive. I suppose I should go and do whatever needs doing. Be good to each other and take care.
The Phoenix
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