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The Phoenix

last saturday

Hello all phoenix fans,

My last Saturday in Tallahassee was absolutely top hole for the most part. I spent the morning in the laundry room, but after that I had a lot of fun....I mean a lot!!!

I managed to get all my laundry done right before I went to eat lunch. But before I did that, I checked messages and Lia had sent me one saying thtat they were going to the malls and go carting.
So I talked to Helen a bit, wow!! I hadn'tspoken to that one in a long time!!!
Then I went down to pick up the clothes that were in the drier and I had a hard time with that because I had to figure out how to get a bag of linins, a bag of carpets and a hamper full of clothes up to my dorm room in one trip...oh the joys of laundry!! LOL So I just sort of one armed the bags and took both handles of the hamper in the sam hand as the bags were on and started dragging.
I got them upstairs, but didn't fold them because right after that was wwhen I went to the union to eat and meet so to speak.
I had lunch, no brunch, at t the union and then met the rest of the group outside. We rode the bus to the plaza and I got separated from Lia, Marisol and Crystle, which turned out after all was said and done to be a good thing, and somehow got mixed up with Don, merari, Joe, Tony and Ryan. We went to Tallahassee mall where I went to Radio shack to buy Mom a new set of head phones since I broke hers purely on carelessness. I also renewed my Barnes and Noble card there, which was a little more than I expected, but oh well. I'm just glad I did it. I was walking with Ryan then and we talked about some pretty interesting stuff. I found out that he can do a lot of the things I can do. Such as sense when someone walks in a room, sense whether or not someone is a good person, that sort of thing. He can also sense weather, which to some extent I can do as well.
After that we walked to fun station and I somehow got walking with Tony. He and I rode on the go carts there together and that was a lot of fun. I was seriously glad I was riding with him. I don't really know if I would trust Ryan with that sort of thing. I just kind of feel he would be the type of person to purposly bump someone. I said as much to Tony with a "this doesn't go anywhere of course," thing along with it.
Anyway, after that we had to find Merari and Don, as we had to keep doing as they would sort of just take off on their own.
Then a whole new experience happened....I was actually allowed on the bumper boats!!! The bumper boats, mind, are something I had never done before, not because I wasn't allowed, just because I never had the opportunity to have that experience. It was a lot of fun. I would rev the engine and spin till I hit other bots, then I would revurs the spin to see if I could hit the same bot again. Meanwhile sometimes the bots would spin away leaving me to spin free in the water. I loved it , lived it, laughed it!! The only difficult thing was bringing the boat in. Someone actually had to clime in my boat and drive it in for me, which was cool. I got out with the bottom of my dress wet, but I really didn't care.
After that we took the bus home and I had a bottle of water before calling one of my cab driver friends who took me out to the Crystal COnnection. I bought a fairy that isn't exactly typical, but it's Amy Brown, so go figure. I'm not sure how many know of her, but she makes fairies that are a little out of the norm. More with bat wings, some with their wings not showing...all of them rather different. I got the bat winged one because it seemed to fit my crazy and sometimes moody side...and even the darker part of me to some extent. Just called to me that one did. I also bought a CD called Garden of Surrenity and got a chacra print out. My aura came out indygo at first, then blue...why does that not surprise me?
One thing I sort of felt bad about was that I took out nearly all my money from the account that the state gave me, saved some of it for a mary K purchase that I am making tomorrow, and spent the rest of it on the fairy and CD. I know my mMom's not going to be all that happy with me for not bringing at least some of the money home with me, and spending it on the statue is not going to help as she feels I have too much of that sort of thing already. Too much clutter that has no use.Anyway, I had thought about returning the statue with the excuse of having no room in packing for it, which very well may be the case. I doubt I will return it, though. Mom will just have to deal with the fact that I spent the money in a way that I wished to. There are some other things that I will write about later. My fears and stuff about home coming. Let's just suffice to say in this entry that I am not at all looking forward to going home and that I am glad it is only for two weeks.
So then I had a little bit of a run around since I wanted the same cab driver to pick me up. I had to leave the Crystal Connection at eitht thirty, hit the New Leaf market, which I had to leave as well because it closed at nine, and go to a taco place where my cab picked me up.
I did meet a sweet girl who took me to the taco place and and I talked about where we lived and all that. Her name was Laura.
Then I came home again and stayed in for about ten or twenty minutes before I called Merari to see what was going on with the plans for going out.
I ended up going to pot bellies with Marisol, Lia, Ryan, Don, Crystle and Merari. Then we sort of spllit up. Don and Merari went to Chubbies and the rest of us except for Crystle went to Guthrey's. Ryan wasn't there, so he didn't realize that we had changed our original plan which was to go to CC's. So we started walking to CC's because Ryan really wanted to go. By this time most of us had eaten and I was pretty full.
Ryan was sort of being an ass and was all uptight and all. He was trying to be funny which, since I was tired, was working. SOme of it was laughable, and some of it was just annoying. Hard for me to tell which was which, so I just sort of laughed whenever he said something I knew he thought was funny.
I don'tknow whether I like Ryan all that much to tell you the truth. He is really a good person, he just is a little too uptight and too high strung. I also don't think he trusts people all that easily and if he wants to have a relationship, that will have to change.
So The cab driver that iI had used calls Lia to find out where we are and he takes us home because none of us really wanted to go to chubbies.
So I got out of the cab and talked to the cab driver about hooking up. His name's Zack, by the way, and I guess, since no one from FSU reads this, it really doesn't matter. I talked to Zack about getting together outside his job for a night of whatever and he said he'd have to check his schedule. I had given him mine, so it will mainly be to see what would be best for him.
Now Zack I like. He's a nice guy, very respectful, very blunt and very open and honest.
Anyway while at pot bellies, I only had one drink and that was a vodka and cranberry. So...there you have it, my last fun filled saturday...LOL
I did leave something out. There was a guy in there who called himself Dre, prounounced Dray for those with screen readers.I asked him just out of randomness if it was short for Andre and he said it was. I made sure to tell him that I didn't mean to be eavesdropping, but... So there we are...I'm extremely glad I was able to get out tonight. I really needed it.
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