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OK all you Phoenix fans,
I am here again to talk about several things.
First of all, the composers of the last few days were absolutely brilliant!!
The music, the style...just everything that was done. Stravinski, Prokofia, others....I don't think I'll ever look at classical music the same. No more of this...oh it's stupid!! Which before this class, I would have just slid right past classical stations without a second I've had my ears opened.
I'm still wishing Icould play like those pianists and maybe someday I will. I may never be able to ccompete, but just as long as I have some of that experience beneath my belt, I will be extrememly gladdened of spirit.
So then I did some things this weekend that I will mention later I also had a performance that was so I suppose. I guess we did all right considering. Anyway, we did a lot of classical stuff for our performance, Brahms, and stuff like that. Some african pieces and that sort of thing. Also some religious works. For only being together for about five weekks we did Really well, I just wwish the German could have been better pronounced. The words more uniform...more clearly defined.
So, I guess for short notice we had an OK turn out, but I don't think there was much of an audience.
Now for last weekend. I went to an Irish pub in the driver was one I knew...yeah NS I know, I have a thing for attracting cabbies, you don't have to remind me. LOL Anyway I had to wait a long time for him to come since he was doing other calls, but when he finally did come i went and had a good time.
I was able to meet a lot of cool people one of which took me home. He also let me feel lhis face and he was, from what I could tell from touch and...otherwise a very nice and intelligent young man.
So, he took me home. I sort of felt bad for him, though because he had no idea where I lived and had to keep asking people where Cawthon hall was. He finally got a police officer to take us and we got home safe.
I did try something new that night. Something called a yegger bomb. It's red bull and Yegger mister. Pretty good actually, but some damned powerful shit!!! for today. I sort of mentioned some of the composers up top, so I won't do so again. I did have a rather full day, though. I came from class straight to the union to each lunch. Then after lunch came back to the dorm to change for my work out, which by the way I have made a daily habit. I then got done with my work out. My friend Lia is responsibble for bringing out some of hte craziness in me, so...after the work out, I asked Brendin my trainer, which by the way is a very cool guy andnot at all like the previous Brendin I knew who should be thrown to the horses wolves and dtrampled on...or better yet thrown to the fiery poits of hell. Anyway I asked him if I could feel him...not in a sexual manner BTW, and he said that I could, so I felt his face and that was about it. he is a very nice looking man as some may go. He didn't mind at all and his hair was absolutely awesome!!! I used to be nervous about askingthat sort of thing, and still am, but some say that I shouldn't be since my hands are my eyes in a lot of ways. I just don't like asking if I can feel someone, to me that just seems rude and sort of...well...I dunno, out of place, I guess.
So anyway after I workeed out, I went to pay my doctor bill, ate again, and had my last mobility lesson with Richard.
I told him I was out of soda, so he took me to the gas station to get some as he was filling up anyway and it would be cheaper there than at the grocery store. So after buying the soda, he gave me one last lesson before he left and I came out pretty good.
Then I came back to the dorm and sort of hung out a bit, went to eat again at the union and came back here again.
I got to talk to Monte Cristo again, which was awesome as we had not been able to talk for a very long time!!
I also spoke with Geulia and some others.
I am like totally worn out, but I don't want to go to bed yet as for me it's way to early. I am so glad I have this to write in, though. Hope all are well and take care of each other.

The Phoenix
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