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OK readers,

This entry is sort of on request.
First of all....I got home all by myself today...yayayayayayayayayayay!!!

I did forget to tell you about a few mishaps that happened to me some weeks ago. I was walking to one of my meetings two weeks ago and I fell while walking, right in gravel!!! Talk about skid marks galore!!! if that wasn't enough, I fell down some steps and landed on myy butt on the same walk.
So, I get cleaned up while at the meeting. This was the week of the trecker meeting, mind.
So the next day I am waiting for Lia so we ca ntake a bus. There were some people waiting iin a car a nd they asked if I needed a ride. It was beginning to rain so the gravel on the curb was rather slick and I slid and fell on the dxact s me ne I fell on the day before....not done yet.
Then this sSaturday, I litterally fell sideways down three steps. I don't remember tha fall, though. The thing I do remember is landing but first on the steps and I was breathing like I was about to have a heart attack. Of course I wasn't, but It was hard, fast and rather shallow. Lia was like talk to me, pleas, say something!! I was breathing and sort of moaning painfully. Not fun...anyway...on to the good stuff again.

We were talking about Paul Hindemeth today and we listened to his concert of Angels. It was pretty good...but then the interesting stuff came along....Arnold Schoenberg...I'd do the proper spelling, lbut there's no O omlout I can
Anyway We listened to one of his early works, The Transfigured Night...pretty good....but then we got to his at'onal stuff qand his sprechstinne. He played one of the poems that someone wrote, I can't remember the name, but it was rather interesting. He asked if anywanted to hear the other twenty, and to tell honest, I did. I sort of liked the way it sounded...guess I'm strange like that, but jit called up a lot of interesting things in my imagination. It was like I could almost see the imagery that the poem was depicting, and it wasn't because he read the English Translation.
Then it was his Variations for orchestra. Now, calya there is your twelve tone music. That too was interestingly different. It wasn't pretty at all, llnot even pleasant, but I still enjoyed it. It was different, a little mor out there...very free form music. I guess that's why I liked it because it was so free form, no key, just....just sort of there. It still had some form to it, but unless you really listened, you couldn't find it. I believe most or all music has to have some structure, but just because it has it doesn't mean it has to be noticeable.
I liked it, twelve tone, It also brought up things, things that made my skin a little crawley, but still rather...interesting things. I can't actually describe the evocked things, but they were there, no doubt of it. I don't know why, but for some reason it sort of reminded me of me...somehow. I can tell you one thing, I don't think I havethe voice for that sort of music. It seems rather harsh to sing. Anyway...I have more to write, but that will come later. I hope all are well...afro_thunder please take care of yourself...get better soon. I hate lung problems...the suck ass like fuckin' hell!!!!

The phoenix/firebird
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