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I listened to som rather interesting music today, Phoenix farers,
It was bartawk SP and most of it was well...rather a different type of style. "The Miraculous Manderin was one of the most interesting pieces to date. There were others, of course, but that is the one that sticks out the most.
I did good on the test I got 28 out of 33. yayayayayayayness!!!!
I worked out again today, and that was a bit painful, but I still enjoyed it very much. It was lower body again, I skipped a day last week, so I had to make it up. Usually do cardio on Fridays, but I didn't this time.
I had a massage yesterday which was absolutely awesome!!! The woman was absolutely wonderful and the energy in the room she used was absolutely wonderful. She even had crystals, quartz, one of which she let me hold during the massage session. I loved it very much. The oil, the relaxation, the energy, the way I felt afterwords...everything was just perfect!!
Now back to today. Lia and I were supposed to go shopping, but we didn't because we got back from the gym late and we just kinda hung out a bit. SHe is jewish and wnted to go to temple so that's why we didn't go.
She was all over me about calling one of the taxi drivers who we frequently use, b ecause he called while we were in the room, and he and Lia teased me about being shy around men. I'll explain more later, sorry pubsters, that will be a friends only.
So I did call him and I told him the truth that I was bored. So he stopped by and we talked for a bit and he left. I wasn't bored with him and wetalked about some different things and it was really pretty cool
I'm thinking about getting together with him again before I leave tallahassee, but we'll see how that goes.
Anyway I suppose II will write later and maybe I'll be a little me? I dunno, but this program seems to be bringing a lot out in me about me that I'm not exactly sure I'm comfortable with yet.

The Phoenix now and...forever? long as I can be... *as long as I don't lose anything, I won't regret anything*.
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