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So all you readers out there,

I'm sort of screwed right now. I have a test tomorrow, and no reader. I didn't know the official day of the test t il Monday, though I knew there would be one last frieay. Why I didn't go then is beyond me, I guess because I didn't have a way to safely get there, or should I say confidently get there.I still am not sure where all the buses go, so it's not like I could just get on one and go traipsing around all over. I have come along way confidence wise, but there is a difference in being independent and being stupid.
So now I may have to talk to the grad assistent to see if I can't take the test at a different time than the rest of the class. That will suck though because then my grade won't get posted along with the rest of the class and the teacher won't really be able to say much about anything till I get the test in and with a class as big as this, that's rather an inconvenience to everybody.
Sow we started something new today, the actually twentieth century composers and we listened to some rather interesting music. For those musically inclined. It was polytonal this time. TG we haven't gotten to Atonal yet. It was Igor SStravinsky today. Fireworks for orkestra and some works from the bellet JFirebird...LOL...for those who know my MSN name, I did find that rather...well...interesting. Some of the names and evensome of the music, not necessarily stravinsky did sound earily familiar. I could understand Sanc-sains because I listened to him as a child. But someone like Ravel or Debusee...well...I dunno. It was lmost as if I had heard it before somewhere els...or somewhen else? Gods, I just have this feeling I may have lived through or during the time of one or more of theose composers...that's a hard thing to compreehend I know, but there we are...
It was awesome, though. I'm about to go classically wild here and pick up some of thes recordings. I'm beginning to get a new appreciation for classical stuff, and I am really seriously thinking about changing maat least one of my majors. So don't be surprised if you find me running rampant on FSU's campus come next year or hthe year after. I will have to sit down most definitely with a counsellor and think about what it is I want to do, but that will be later.
Right, I suppose I will write soon and I will be around later...gotta get some stuff done.

The phoenix
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