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Up early

OK all I know this is not like me, but I guess it's because I went to bed way to early last night.
I'm feeling somewhat better, I doubt I'll be skipping class again...Yea!! problem is, I have an interview presentation today, but no interview. Ah well, I have all day to find one, and I think I have one I can use. It's on the web and it's on a poet. Name's Ana Castillo. She's also written several books. Her work's pretty cool. I like it. Though it's been a bit since I've ead any of it.

I'm sort of wishing I could go out and get something to eat, but seeing as I'm the only one awake and the fridge is all the way out in the kitchen, I don't think that would be such a good idea right now. Another reason I'm not ussing speech right now, instead using the Braille display. It's one of those luxuries or necessities that come in hand for us wee morning writers. LOL Well, I guess that's all for now and maybe I'll write again at a more decent least where I am. LOL

The Phoenix
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