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two days in one. it goes.
Yesterday I got out of class way early because we only talked about one composer and listened to his music.
Beautiful as always and I am about to expand my collection with some of the pieces I've heard in class. Piano and orchestral music has gained a new appreciation in me, and I don't know why, but for some reason I seem to be able to connect more with my other facitts better with that sort of music. I'm just sort of more relaxed and stuff. It's really kinda cool.
It was Respighi this time, if i remember correctly and his music is very calming, soothing and altogether wonderful. THe Pines of Rom, Fountains of Rome, and Festivals of rome...and Ravel...I think I mentioned him. I can't exactly remember if it was Respighi or not on Friday, but the music was awesome!!!

Last night was interesting as I had a new experience. I went to a Jewish service held here on campus where they served free dinner.
It was really cool. I didn't understand a lot ofit, though because it was in hebrew, but it was still a neat experience.
After that we went to Pot Bellies again and the cab driver was absolutely crazy as hell.
It was me and three other people including another guy and he was talking about skin cancer. The cab driver all out and said "Black people don't get skin cancer!!
" Course he was joking, and he kept us laughing the whole waythere.
Lia was beiing her usual crazy self and flurting all over the place with him and just being herself. Cabie was saying that men don't wear perfume, they were calone. "I'm a man."
Lia: There's only one way to check.
Cabbie: Oh and how's that?
Lia reaches hand out and places it near his side, but doesn't touch him.
Then we started talking about other things and the cab driver said that you couldn't turn no he into no housewife, I dtried! And that you couldn't turn no trick int no treat either.
That was just on the way there!!
Then we were in pot bellies for a bit just hanging out and stuff and we called him to pick us up.
Again he had us laughing....just joking around with us. I thought it was cool because moset cab drivers don't do that. They just kind of drive you where you need to go and that's it.

Now for today...was kind of an up and down one for me. I at first didn't want to work out because I was feeling kind of bla, but I decided to go. But since I had sandls on, they didn'tlet me work out Lea had brought me over, so she worked out and did her thing while I sat on the benches and played with her silly puddy.
But the whole thing being that I got extremely upset and almost started crying because I couldn't work out. I felt like I was being a baby, and that was a side of me I really didn't want to show to Lia or the traners for that matter.
After that we met the guy, Mark, at the diner for dinner. We had to take a cab there, though, because it was totally pouring rain and thundering and all. So on the way there, I totally was hitting on the cab driver. I gave hilm a back rub, was touching his hair because he said he had just gotgen it and all that good stuff. So then we got out and Mark was waiting at the diner for us.
I ate pretty hartily, but Lia and Mark didn't really have that much.
After that we went to Marks place for a bit and just kind of hung out there. I really didn't mine it all that much, but it just kind of felt weird being at a guy's place for not having been at one for nigh on two to three years. Last place I was at for a long period of time was Bran's place and that was...well...interesting to say the least.
So then we come back home and again it was a cab driver and again it was a male. So I sat up front and we started talkingaboutrelationships and that sort of things. Yep, when you're with Lia, the most interesting of subjects will come up in conversation. LOL So this one I sort of wooed and batted my eyes at as a flurtacious joke. It was in conversation context, so it wasn't all random or anything.
So then Lia and I went back to her dorm and we listened to some music befor we came back here and I just sort of chilled in the room. Gillian and Lia wee watching Labanba and I was sort of half paying attention as I was also on our place with her, Jack Steve and some others who came and wet including our elf maiden Taaril...lovely singing, friend!!
Steve was also drunk as hell, and you could definitely tell it by the way he was all slurred, and spacing out. He even was singing and the words he was singing didn't even fit the songs he was going for. I'll grant him that he found the tracks on the computer with startling accuracy, abd he can more than likely hold his own, but I doubt he'll remember half of what we did tonight.He was asking us to repeat songs and was really, really, really on about going on to poker and really wanted me to sing. I more than likely would I most certainly would have, had it not been quiet hours here. I was going to risk it for the sake of Taariel never having heard the song I was going to do, but my player wouldn't play my WMA files, so I didn't end up doing it at all.
After steve left, Jack Veronica and I chatted for a bit, then Gilian wanted to go to bed, so I left the chat room and here I am. LOL
OK, this is more my style than the last entries, so now that I have updated you with a novel on my exploits in to the world of the wild side of myself, for the stuff I have done I wouldn't do if I were by myself. Lia sort of brings it out...she says she's a bad influence.LOL
Suppos I will speak soon to you all. U all take care of yourselves.

The Phoenix
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