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Hello there phoenix fans,

I totally forgot to telly you that we talked about Debusee and Ravel yesterday in music class. We finished up Debusee's piano music....Go'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'od!!!! It's no wonder I love piano music. His stuff is absolutely wonderful, if rather difficult to play from what I've heard.
We listened to a lot of Ravel's music yesterday and today, and our prof acgtually played a piece for us...absolutely awesome. Unlike Deblusee, Ravel uses a lot of melodies in h pieces.
Debusee has a lot of quiet endings where Ravel has really biig endings.
I still think I shouled be able to play like that...but I'll get there some day...if it takes me forever!!!
Anyway the music was really good today iin class and I'm still enjoying a lot of it in my head. I love this class!!!
After class I went to the union, but I got lost along the way and in the process met a new friend. Her name's Joanna and she's really cool.
She ate lunch with me and we talked about some pretty deep stuff. It was really cool, though and I got her screen names so now I can add her to my messnengers.
After that I went to the drug store to pick up a few things. Q-tips, soda, som razor blade refills, pop tarts and granola bars for breakfast.
After that I got back and found out that lia wasn't going to the leach center so I had to find a wayto get there. Richard, who had rode with me back and forth to the drug store, wasable to get me there and told me how to get home. I mannaged o get hom by myself on the bus....yea!!!! I'm extremely pleased with me right now!!
When I got back to the dorm, I did som piano practice and came up here to find a message from a friend I hadn't had a chanceto talk to in forever!! yea!!!
So that was my day so far and now I am going to have to leave in a minute in order to go to a meeting at the technology building on te trekker and how it now it's off to e-mails again and maybe some otherstuff. Until next time all. Farewell.

The Phoenix
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