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what the hell did I do to lmyself!! LOL

Hey all phoenix farers,

Today was an interesting day all round. I first just about overslept a meeting on transportation and just about didn't have time to get everything done.
I did mannage it, though and the meeting went well. We learned a lot about the public transportation and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and how they relate. We also did some exercises where we had to figure out routes to go different places. I had taken a to go box of food up, so I had breakfast...thank God!!

So I then had my first test in my music class, but I didn't get to study much because I went straight from my meeting to the class so I could meet the reader. I mannaged to find her, but I had to ask some gentleman to walk me to the next building over as I remembered that I had told her the wrong room number!!! Aaarhrhrhrhrg!! So I found her and she read me the test and turned it in to the prof. I think I did reasonably well, but I don't think I did as well as I should have.
Anyway, I had her drop me at the union so I could eat lunch. I had muscles for the first time...they were OK, but I don't know whether I would eat them again or not. They were over spaghettie and still in the shell. I also had a Cuban sandwich, though it wasn't pressed, so I don't know whether I'd call it a real cuban or not.
I called Richard to find out what he was doing and he asked me if I wanted to join Lia and Sara, another instructor, on a bus ride. So since I said yes, we are going to meet at twelve twenty after class...skipping my usual lunch time. LOL
Right after that, Lia called and asked me if I wanted to hang out and I said sure. So...she came to pick me up and she had me follow her back to her place. Enrique Iglecias!!! LOL Seriously, that's what she was playing. Then Marari called, another friend from the program, and Lia told her to come over and join us. Lia went down to pick up Marari, because a resident has to let nonresidents in. So, Marari, Lia and I hung out in Lia's room for a bit until Marari got a call from a certain male and went to see him.
Then Lia and I enjoyed ourselves by listening to music. Lia got a phone call at one point, but other than that, things were pretty good. We sang along to a lot of Martina McBride songs, then she and I headed to the gym to do a bit of a work out and take a pulloties SP class. I did a bike warm up, than a lower body work out where I worked my inner and outer thighs, did calf raises...ouch!!!...did!!! and then leg curls...hmmm...weak hamstrings!!!!

After that was the pulloties....I am definitely hurting!!!! I don't even want to know what I am going to be like tomorrow, and tomorrow's only Tuesday!!!
Let me sort of explain pulloties for those who don't know what it is. It is were you do exercises that help you align yourself with your centerr. You basically strengthen your core and make yourself aware of what that feels like. It's not really muscle strengthening as it is to help increase the range of motion for those particular muscles. The whole thing, though is to keep yourself scentered and work from that center. If I have explained it at all wrong, those who know of it can correct it in comments. LOL I have no problem with that at all.
I am all shakey down there right now and when I was on the floor, my whole lower body from my belly button down was in a constant shakey feeling until I started working it.
Even though I'm in some amount of pain at the moment, I am glad I went. I think this will be good for me in the long run.

OK now that I have tried to explain everything that went on during the day in a completely different style than some of you may be used to, I suppose I should go through e-mail and see if anyone left comments on said last entry. LOL

I'll write soon, hopefully tomorrow and untill then, have a good night and cherish your time together for those who are spending it that way.

The Phoenix
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