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LJ Idol: topic 2: Through the many years

"I'll never do that again!" (During a conversation about holding things in at her house.)"He said when the beat drops." (Us at a Kendrick Lamar concert in Columbus Ohio)

"It's easy for you to say that when you know where you're going." "'I can't imagine you that way.' That's what she told me." (Things said over the phone while I am in massage school about me and where I'm going vs. her family and her own support system.)

It started almost 26 years ago at the blind school; she was a year behind me. Through the ebs and flows of life, she is nearly the only one from the school I have regular contact with now. Oh, sure I have others-the guy who let me read his weird ass comics-the kid who bought me a Star Wars figure-the developmentally delayed half-Christion I fleetingly catch up whith who's in Ohio.

But she...she was the stalwart one, the one, who despite my jealousy at times because another mutual friend got to go to her hous and I didn't, Who stayed with me. Through the ill-fated, ill-timed trip to Denver, through the college years when most friendships fall apart, through the first move to Indiana. Through the job there-the job I left to go to Denver, and subsequently never regained.

Oh certainly there are other friends-the other two in Ohio who are nearly like a sister and brother to me still despite drama that happened as a result of Denver; the friend in Louisiana who gets me nearly as no one else does-the other boy in Ohio that I talk to on occasion when I can remember to hit him on messenger or skype-they have all made impacts.

But her. She tells me the truth-even when I don't want it; she is the Devil's advocate that my Dad would be sometimes-she is the one who introduced me to about 40 percent of the music I listen to despite my mother's saying she's a bad influence (Which Mom no longer thinks is the case; she now appreciates this friend and calls her a 'good friend'.)

She is also the one who has taken me to about half the concerts I've been to at this point. Granted she wasn't the transportation to some of them-the Columbus one mentioned briefly for instance, and a John Legend one we went to in FLorida after a Blindness convention we went to, but she has been the financeer for a lot of them, and I will be eternally grateful for this-more than words could ever express.

And last week we completed our seventh incarnation of the start of the Christmas season where we pull out battery operated Christmas toys to a backdrop of Christmas music on her home theater system, and I just about cried when I realized how much we had been through together, and how empty my life would be without her in it. I pray that one of these days I will be able to pay it forward-even if it turns our to be in a way I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams.

This is my entry for week 2 of therealljidol I hope you enjoy.
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