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working out!!!

Aaah!!! Hello phoenix fans,
I had worked lower body yesterday and upper body today. tomorrow's gunna be a rather interesting experience.
I enjoyed working out though. Lifting wates seems to be getting a lot of the tention out of me and I don't feel as angry or frustrated as I did before. I am being careful, mind. I don't wanna do too much at the beginning and get myself seriously hurt. It is a lot of fun, though. I'm sort of getting caught up on a lot of the newer music I am missing out on by not putting on the radio as much as I should.
We were supposed to go out tonight, but apparently that has been kuhboshed. I don't know if this was true or not, but someone had heard from someone else that Don and his wife had gotten into a fight of some sort, so we weren't going anywhere.
At any rate, test is on Monday and I still haven't typed out notes or anything, so...suppose I had better do that at some point or another today.

I'll write again soon I expect. till then, you all take care.

The Phoenix
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