The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

So the first of many-Intro

I've been around a bit, I suppose.

To Denver and back; Florida, Arkansas, Mainly for family visits growing up)Indiana (Where I am now) and through several states while on family vacations.

I've lost a lot, friends, my beloved guide dog, some other things, but I've gaind so much. Life lessons that some gain in their twenties, I gained im my thirties.

I still feel like I'm behind my peers on so much. I see people with lives, families, kids, and I wonder when it will be my turn; when will I have the one(s) ment for me.

I am still me, b ut more now. I am exploring things I never thought possible, and am still learning things about myself I never thought possible.

Including the fact that intros of the traditional sort are way too boring for me. LOL

This is my introduction for therealljidol It is lnontraditional. Just as I am.

Tags: introduction, lj idol, lji season 10
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