The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Dear good people of LJ

I am back after a too long absence to find:

1) a few people have gone by the wayside; one of whome I shall miss. I suppose it was due to the unused account; thanks LJ for installing a virtually unusable audio captia. :( and thank you to good friends who help a Phoenix out.

2) You all have been busy. o.o I do not think, due to said long absence I will be able to catch up on everyone, though I will do my best.

3) Happy birthday to those whose birthdays are today; and a belated (or early) birthday to those I have missed...and those who are in the future. :d

4) This service apparently has been having issues. It's a good thing I have somewhere else to go )Even though this post is LJ exclusive) otherwise I might not *be* a very happy Phoenix right now.

I have mixed feelings on everything LJ. While I enjoy it here )Obviously, despite the long hiatis) I am not liking the seeming inaccessibility of many of the features, and everythings to be changing so much that I don't een recognize LJ anymore. Dreamwidth on the oter hand has been noghing but fantastic, and I will shamelessly promote them, even here.One of the main reasons, however, that I keep this thing around, other than the fact I have a permanent accout, and bought it just befor LJ took it's first crap, is for people, unlike me, who don't like, or find, Dereamwith confusing.

I said I wouldn't abandon this thing, and I won't, but it has crossed my mind a few times to shut this ship down and go completely and utterly DW, and come here underan open ID. I don't, and ultimately won't, due to the afore mentioned enjoying what I see here and people finding Dreamwidth confusing or not liking it.

I will fly, for now, for if I do not, I fear we shall be here all night, but I did want to poke my beak back in and sing a bit for those who have missed me. :)

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