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Sorry for not keeping you guys updated here, but I just got a little too caught up here and totally forgot to keep this thing in priority list.
Yesterday was pretty fun, Lia and I went exploring in the rain to find some buildings, We talked about the stuff that would be on the test on Monday, and I had to go find a reader...part of Lia and I's rain exploits.

See I had come back from the union, but I was still hungry, so I went back with her to the union and got more to eat. then she had to go to Thagart so she could get a blood test done, she also had to get her key for her mail box. Then after reverse order, mailbox first, then Thagart, we went to the Student Disabilities Resource Center (SDRC) so I could find a reader for the test coming up.
Then we ordered in last night and had some pizza. Lia was going to work with me on Palaties, but "The Little Princess" was on, and I absolutely love that movie!!! So of course I had to watch it.
The day before, Wednesday, we talked about Recard Strauss in class, and that was awesome!!! He played his waltz suite and some other pieces that I can't remember at the moment, and I still have to type out my notes for that day. LOL I am beginning to think that I may switch majors, a crazy like someone else I know and do a tri major...if I do the latter this particular person may be getting tons of messages from me asking time mannagement and how did you mannage this, sort of questions. LOL
Anyway, I suppose I should go for now since I have a work out session at seven forty-five and I am not sure exactly what time it is.
Hope the day goes well for all of you and...TGIF!!!!!

The Phoenix
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