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transferring........and class

Hey Journal,

Overclocking actually happened!!!!
I swear to all the gods in the heavens!!! I have been transferring for the last day or so. I am transferring all my Valdemar stuff to a friends FTP server and it is taking damned near forever even on a network connection. I'm glad I waited till I got to T town to do this. I don't even want to know how long this would take off the network...anyway I'm just waiting for my O and M instructor to call so he can take me, or...actually show me to get to my choral class. I can't wait to get there!!! It is going to be a lot of fun!!!
I can't wait till we perform, it'll be the first time I will have performed in a very long time and the thrill that will come with it will be absolutely ixhillerating!!!

We talked about Recarc Wagerner in class today and prof played some selections from his verious operas. For some strange reason the title Lowengrin rings quite a large sounding bell for me. It just seems so very familiar for one reason or other that I can't fathom.
He also played stof from other works and the more I listen to that type of music, the more I like it!!! I dunno, but I'm seriously thinking of surrounding myself in that sort of thing...not that type of music, persay, but music in general. The thing is that if I switch a major itt's longer in school, which frankly wouldn't bother me as I love learning for hte sake of it. But, well...DBS may have something to say for it. Oh well, Well see what happens when i think prey and meditate on it...

So...I actually have no quizzes today. I'm thinking about creating one, but I don't know what to creat one about.
So I suppose that's it and I'll be back soon. Maybe I'll write after my class tonight.

the Phoenix
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