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Lazy day

Hey all phoenix fans,

Another lazy day filled with sleepy eyes, good times and movies. I was litterally multitasking today.
I was talking to Aerikah and V while Gillian and I were watching Uncle Buck. I even pulled a nice fast one on Aerikah by calling the fellow Valdemarrans when she wasn't expecting it. LOL
Then it was our place for a few good hours of fun and laughter and music. Sports wee discussed along with the different types of music that we did and didn't like. I like all kinds of music which includes rap which some don't care to like...fine. LOL Just as long as we can get along and laugh about it it's cool.
I'm just sitting here now, writing about the day. It's been a lazy one, since I didn't rise from the bed till after ten or so and we've been in most of the day.
It's interesting that Gillian and I are getting deeper into things as we get more comfortable with each other and the things we talk over. Her friends seem to be as crazy as any other person's friends and it all is working out good. I haven't really had the time to sit down and do much in the way of reflecting on what I've learned from here, but all I know right now is that my travelling confidence needs a serious boost. Crossingstreets still scares the hell out of me and crowds are becoming a real nightmare. Luckily I haven't had to be in them for the past few days, so maybe that will help the next time I have to walk through them.
Well, I suppose that's it for the time being and i shall write again soon.

The Phoenix
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