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sick little me and paper due

Hi to all the readers and phoenix fans,

I'm like completely feeling blah today. I have an upset stomach, which means I'menot eaten all that much today. I'me had it since last night. Needless tosay I'ce said no to classes and plan tosppend most of the day in bed....not fun, but oh welll. I justdo not feel like doing anything strenuous right now. I've not don the porcelain God worship side of things, that's the stars, but I've thought I'd have to a time or two.

Also I've got tis interviewing paper due next week and I'm not even close to having it done. I just hope I can get it done befor next Wednesday when it's due.

I do want to that Taariel for coming in our place earier this afternoon, it was really good to hear your voice again. I'm hoping too that things will work out and the album gets done this year...still got a while to go, so...LOL

Well i guess that's all for now. Sorry so blah, but that's the way I feel right now.

the Florida Phoenix
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