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oh no!!!

Guess what all? Lil miss phoenix actually passed her limit on something....that something?
ALCOHOL!!!! That's right.

Right, last week it was singles. This week it was doubles. Two of them one screw driver and one vodka and cran berry three shots, and a single cranberry and V. Plus a little bit of guinness, which on retrospective reflection I should not have had.
I remember most of the night, as it were, but I must not have listened to my body....porcelain god worship at about five forty in the morning.

Problam was, not all of it made it to the oh so willing mouth, sink first, then shower then toilet...bathroom all in tatters from it. Gillian not to ploeased and my RA having to help clean.
I had tried to get most of it, but with me being sightless, it really didn't work all that well. I'm just glad Mom has no idea of this journal, because this is one thing that she will never know went on.
First time I had done that. I know my limits for beer two or three at the most, especially with the stout, but I, up to now had no idea of my limits on mixed stuff...Sure as hell do now!! *smiles wanly*
As you can imagine my stomach's rather interestingly empty and I am not quite sure I want to fill it quite yet.
Like I said bathroom was in tatters, All in the shower, all over the toilet...even on the walls. One of the reasons I couldn't clean it all that well.
At any rate, I doubt I will be doing that much drinking again while I'm here as I am living with myself may be different, but we shall see, now shan't we?
As it was the night was absolutely awesome!!!

Right, other than that I'm actually feeling pretty good. I don't know whether it's me or what but even after that I'm ready to go. I'm feeling sort of like shit, but who wouldn't? My stomach's a little punky and when I woke up the world was in a spin, but other than that, nothing too major, which is good since I need to go to the grocery store today to pick up som food stuffs. I might lie down for another little bit, but I'll have to be down there at one thirty for my ride, so I gotta be somewhat time conscious...anyway, I'm glad I had fun, and I may havethet much again, but I seriously doubt it will be here.
I suppose I should be grateful, LOL
Anyway I did meet some new peoples at the bar, they were friends of Don who came to join us. They were pretty cool, and both of them had guide dogs and both of them were guys, LOL,. That was awesome!!
Anyway, I would tell you what I remember of the night, but I just don't feel like writhing at the moment. Let's just say I wasn't the only one wasted off their ass last night.
Until later all...

The Phoenix
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