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Yea phoenix fans!!!

OK I'll get to the subject matter in a minute, but I just had to write about this first,
We talked about camille Sainc-sains in class today and I found out that he was the composer of the Carnival of Animals which was somehting I barely remember seeing as a kindagardener with my entire class for music. It was absolutely awesome!!!

Now...I asked Gillian to take me back from class to the union, All well and good. I then was able to find some very nice women to take me back home.
Then Marari called and I told her that I had a rather difficult decision to make. Richard had called and said that there was no one who could take me to the meeting with Jay Stitely, so it was either I skipped coral class and went to the meeting, or skipped the meeting and went to coral class. I ended up skipping class for the simple eason that it was Jay and that he would only be there once and it is not very often that I get to see him.
So I hung out with Marari and her room mate Michelle, but I got them lost on the way to the union. I was litterally almost in tears. I am supposed to know these routes by now and what made it even worse was it was my first time and I wanted to show them what I could do. Instead I got us lost and had no clue where I was. I was very frustrated with, and disappointed in, myself, but the girls took it in stride.
I also called a couple of new people today, ones I had met on club tel. I had a nice conversation with them while I was up in Marari and Michelle's room and also on the way to the meeting with Jay which ran over. I just now got back and am writing just before I hit the bed. I hope all are doing well and I am telling you all again, be good to each other.

The Phoenix
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