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OK Phoenix fairers,

I said I wouldn't write anymore today, but something happened that I just have to writ about.
Sex ed! Right you read it, it wasn't the usual Pre middle school andhigh school crap...forgive me...stuff that they give the kids now days, which, no offense, but in my opinion still leaves a lot to be desired. Here we talkede about boundaries, expectations and stuff like that. They asked you if you knew what you weren't and what you were. They asked you to tell others something about yourself that wasn't true.
All well and good....then the role playing came out and everything litterally went to the shitter in a shitfilled handbag with stuff come out the top and down the sides. SOrry for the graphics following, but...

They talked about getting pregnant, how the contraceptives don't work a hundred percent of the time and that sort of thing...OK...bbut then thathey had a mock counsil session where they described, and I mean described the abortion procedures. Talking about surgical and nonsurgical. Talking about how the remove the parts of the fetus with a vacume, or a knife. They even talked and graphically described PB abortion. I was seriously grossed out. OK, it gets better guys. THen they start talking about God and how he feels about things like flag! RED FLAG, RED FLAG!!!! After that the married man of the group left. He and his wife had been trying for the last twelve years and hearing all that just got to him. If I'd've been closer to the door I'd've followed him out in one millisecond of a heart beat. I'm sorry, but first off that's way too graphic for me and second of all, I am seriously exploring despite the fact that many people will in sist that what I am exploring is not of God. All of that thrown in my face plus the fact that they don't refer people to abortion places just made it all the worse.
Cathrine was not pleased at all and was rightfully upset. Sehe was saying that Melody should have checked in further, but coming across as a nonprofit organization she felt it OK to let them speak. I felt as if we had been unwittingly into some sort of religious discussion and if it had gone on for much longer I would have left. Poor DOn. I really wantto call him and see how he's doing. I really feel bad for him. I am extremely upset at the moment, but since I am here I may as well back track.

Chorale class was the best!! Music surrounding me with me participating. I am now seriously thinking of transferring yet again to down here. I didn't realize how much fun choral singing could b. I also have someone who has volunteered to work with me outside of class with the music which is awesome!!! So now I can widden, deepen and altogether improve my singing range while I learn new music and parts of new languages to boot!!! Woooot!!! How's that for a fun way to spend two days out of every week for the next six weeks? Actually five since the last Wednesday we are performing. Yayayayayayayay!! Oh and for those who want it, I will try to tape the performance, but I am not guaranteeing or promising anything.

The Phoenixe
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