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not at all rested

Hello, Phoenix fans,

Last night was interesting. I really didn't do much outside the room. I spent about two to three hours on our place and Gillian got to meet the crazies on there who I call my friends. LOL She says she really likes the brittish accent, so I'm glad to introduce her to things she already has a liking for. LOL
Anyway first class yesterday was interesting, like I said role took forever and since I was all the way in the back, I had trouble hering what the teacher was saying. Thank the stars that won't be a problem from now on.
OK back to the point, here. Last night Lea Don and I went to a pool hall and Lea and Don played pool and I talked to Aerikah on the phone. I probably shouldn't have gone, though. I went to bed as soon as I got back, but I still don't feel fully rested, and with me doint another trekker route this morning, I seriously need all the energy I can get. I was a lot more afraid then I let on in yesterday's entry. I had never crossed streets like that totally independently, and doing that with busses and that around and not exactly knowing where I was, I was seriously nervous, and more then a little afraid.
OK...well I guess i will have to write later as I just got my phone call to start my day.

till later,

The phoenix
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