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my day so far

Whew Phoenix fans,

Six o'clock get up to go to the A T lab at the stone building only to run late. I was supposed to do a rute with the treker which is a GPS system that is supposed to tell you where you are when you are walking. It is sort of like the walking version of onstar.
I ended up doing the route at about nine o'clock.
I was, of course, a little nervous, but after I got started I was OK. I was told to navigate a route from the FSU School of Art to the Westcot Welcome Center bus stop. I had a little bit of trouble getting started, but after that I was OK. I was really nervous crossing all those streets, and sometimes I was even a little scared because there were busses and stuff that passed really close to me and that kind of gave me a fright.
After that, I went to my class and found out that me and my room mate are in the same class. I had my loaned PAC mate with me, but for the first class, I didn't have to use it, which was cool since I don't yet know how to turn the key echo off.
After the class, I went back to my dorm, Richardtook me there and back, or actually followed me there and back going over some of the details of the route with me. I came back to the room and Gillianand I went to lunch together. We ate at Inestine's, which is a beggele place. I had a Chicago beggle which is a hot dog wrapped in a beggle. I had the one with cheese in it as well, and a hazzle nut coffee.
I came back and Gillian told me that our cable is hooked up...yea!! Aerikah called then and we talked for a bit. I let her go about a half an hour ago and I went o ver to visit my sweet mates, Jenna and Kylee. We talked about our classes and stuff and I told a story which on retrospect I probably shouldn't have. Ah, the disadvantages of being the eldest of the girls on this floor. Beer stories don't go over well with younger students, I knew in their voices that they did not find that story at all funny.
Story was that my teacher walked from the farthest point on campus to the class to see if it could be done in the allotted amount of time and it could be. "Of course," he said, "I didn't stop for a beer at the union on the way."
Anyway, I gueess that's it for now, and I am sitting her relaxing for the day. Richard called to see if I wanted to do a route to my other class, but I am being lazy today and not doing it. Though I probably should have since my first class is tomorrow and I have no clue how to get there.
Anyway, after these six weeks, I suppose I will have lost some pounds which will pleas some people to no end.
Right I suppose I should go for now and I will write more later. More than likely before the day is out. I'm beginning to think that music might become my second major and override Spanish, but we shall see. If I do that it means another transfer and more research to see where the closest school with a music major program is.
So...I am off for now my dears and you all be good to each other now...ya hear? LOL

The Phoenix
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