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The Phoenix

walking nightmaire

All phoenix fans,

the time is off at the moment, it is actuallly about ten thirty now. At night.

I was up and feeling pretty good this morning despite all the drinking I did last night and I got calls from Lea and Marari aznd Don. Don called and asked me if I had eaten breakfast and I said no. SO he came and got me and took me to the union where I ate a hamburger, fries, tater tots, eggs, steak fries and some sausage links. I had coffee and pineapple juice to drink. RIchard came to join us and asked me hoe how I got to the union and I told him that DOn had helped me over and that we hyad taken a different route.
After that, Lea and Marai had joine us. RIchard and Marari were actually already at the union when Don, Lea and I got there. We all decided to go to the Leech center, which is the name for the gym here at Florida state University.
I had to get my suit, so we walked back to my dorm to get it. Lea also had to get her suit, so we walked to deviny to get hers, off to Rogers to pick up Don's suit...damn my feet!!! They are still in pain!!! Then it was off to the leech center to swim in the pool and use the jekoozy. After that Don walked me back to my dorm. By this time it was about forty-five minutes before five o'clock which was wen I was supposed to meet Richard for a lesson for mobility so I could get to my class that starts tomorrow. As you can imagine, I took off my tennis shoes and did my lesson in sandalls. I actually did a lot better today than I did yesterday. I made it to my class and then we headed to the union for dinner.
On the way back, though Aerikah callend and Nightshadow.
Aerikah has been trying to talk to me for days now and I sort of feel bad because I feel like I'm brushing her off. I feel like I'm brushing everybody off right now and it's not fair!! I know that she understands and all, but every time she calls to talk it seems like I'm busy. Then when I do have time, I'm way to tired to talk and I just want to sleep. I have been going to bed a lot earlier than I usually do because of the early starts needed. I don't mean to, but as you can see from here, my life isn't exactly empty at the moment.
After we ate, we went back to the dorms for meetings. My all hall meeting was at seven o'clock and my floor meeting was at nine thirty. We had an ice cream social, but all the ice cream was so melted that it was near impossible to eat. I made a mess of it and got it all over my face and shirt.
Before the floor meeting some of us played family fude and my team won a pizza party.
After that we had the floor meeting which I showed up to in pajamas and slippers. I wasn't the only one who did that, though, so I didn't feel so bad. I'm now about to head for bed, so I guess I'll write more tomorrow.

The Phoenix
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