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hmm....slow day?

hey phoenix fans,

This update is merely for the fact that I can write and my fingers fel like moving yet again. I don't knowwheteher it's because I've had too much caffene, or whether it's because I had a real nice impromptu meditation stat last night which I fell asleep during, but I'm like extremely energetic right now.
It's kindea been a slow day I only did one quiz and am gunna save the rest of the readings for tomorrow. I don't know what it is about Fridays, but they have some how turend into my vedge out days.
I'm so glad that every thing seems to be going well for you Taariel!!! I'd post this in comments but for some reason the post button there seems to be eluding me. Also thanks for the comment yesterday that means a lot more than you realize. Smiles. I'm glad I have good friends that Ican turn to in times of need.
Anyway I guess I should stop before I start rambling again. If you guys want me to post more writings let me know and I will.
the Phoenix *flying high!*
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