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tallahassee evening

Right alls,

Forgive the buzzy nature I am in at the moment, but I have just returned from seeing an absolutely fabulous movie, and I drank off my ass!! I'm surprised I can even write this tonight.
Three shots of yagar mister
one absolute ande cranbery
one screw driv3er
one guinness, not in that particular order, but all drank none the less. I actually drank the guinness first, then the rest of the stuf...some order in the chaos. LOL I'm just wondering how the hell I am going to concentrate tomorrow...if I will at all. LOL
I saw the third Harry Potter movie and it was great!! I loved it a lot!!I enjoyed myself very much. I did n't like the fact that they left out a lot of the book, but it's a movie and what can they doo? Anyway I suppose I should head for hte bed, tho how I will sleep after today's nice long thunder storm is beyond me.
I felt bad or Lea because she didn't see me at my best of mobility today. I kept messing up street crosings, I forgot so many little detales it wasn't funny and I just really didn't do good at all.

The Phoenix
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