The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

[lj idol] week 5: means to an end

Dear Shamor,

They say I bore false witness to the death that happened about a month ago. They say my account was off. They say by doing what I did, I have only made things worse for me. wasn't. You know this. It was true, all of it.

But they say doing it, and witnessing it aren't the same things. Witnessing it from the sidelines is different, they say.

But I did witness it. I witnessed him as he drank the cup I gave him, as he laied out on the ground and drew the final breath he would take in this world. As his body went limp in the forever sleep of death...And I revelled in it.

And as I walked away I knew I had done the right thing by doing what I'd done.

But now they have me for purgery because they say my account of watching him die from another's hand is false. I hear the stories. They say I was trying to escape the law, escape justice. They say horrible things about me.

Eye witnesses say they saw me do it. I did it. But I can also bear witness to *watching* it, can't I? There's no difference between giving and recieving the gift of what you've there? Is there not a time where you may give and recieve at once?

The witnessing is the same no matter the activity in question, isn't it? I suppose being inside doing it is the difference...but for me, it was delicious.

Absolutely fucking delicious.

Submitted for therealljidol.
Tags: lj idol week 5, lji s6, writing
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