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Tallahasse days, part four

Today was pretty good, though it doesn't feel like it is Saturday.
Richard came for me at a little before nine and took me out for breakfast with Fred, who he would be working with later, and Don. We went to McDonalds and hand I had thear beggle sandwich with steak, eggs and cheese.
Then Richard dropped Don and me off in front of the student union where we met up with more of our group to go to a mall called Governor's square.
When we first got there, it was Don, Lea, marari and myself. All four of us went into radio shack, but since the man was busy, Don took me to find a bathroom, on the way, Marari and Lea split off from us. We found the bathroom and returned to radio shack so I could pick up some headphones. I didn't ring money with me, stupid! I asked Don if he would help out and he was glad to. I will most definitely pay him back. While we were in the mall, Don and I really got to know each other. We talked about religion, our families, what we liked, what we had done and that sort of thing. To me, our type of person Visually impaired that is, seem more open to concepts of different ways of thinking than most sighted people, no offense to those readers who are sighted and that openand those readers who are sighted in general..I told him about my mom and her worries about me being the way I am and about me being her baby.I told him about her saying there's no way, and you can't, and things like that. I don't know, but sometimes I think I make my mom out to be worse than she actually is, but I just feel so trapped around her. With out her, I'm a lot more free ranging, I can yell half across the store with teasing remarks and get away with it, I can talk about anything I want and she won't say what are you talking about that for, it's none of their business.
At a bout ten after one, we took the bus back to campus and Don and I separated to go back to our respective areas. Some of us were going to go to the gym, but since it is raining, Don called and said that they were going to skip that today. Man!! I really wanted to go too. LOL Ah, well, next time.
It is rather raining hard and there is thunder and lightning, so I can completely understand why they don't want to go out in this weather.
We are doing something else this evening, we are going to see some movies at anotherer mall, called the tallahassee mall. That is going to be a lot of fun!!
The Phoenix *waiting for the fun to begin!!*
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