The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

[Lj Idol] week 4: Moments of devistating beauty

It was just turning night, and I lay by my window breathing in the changing air. The scent, if that's what you could call it, from the leaving day, mingled with the coming night, and I drunk it in as others might drink in the changing from the light to dark. The wind was still, yet cold, and since it wasn't blowing, I daired to have my window open to it, laying with my face pressed against the screen, eyes pressed against it, even though I couldn't see. Outside the snow fell, hissing like so many butterfly's wings through the trees, then down onto the cold hard ground, and across the leaves that still lay lifeless and once dry. Still dry, as the snow was the type that while still wet, didn't feel that way. the few flakes that landed on the screen were small enough to light on my cheeks and make them sting a little; I didn't care. It was the only sound I heard for a long while. The silence of the night broken only by The snow coming to earth and piling outside my windo.
I lay there listening to the hiss of it, the quiet sound it made as it hit the ground, then piled on top of itself. I kept thinking that this night couldn't have gotten any bettter: this was the most awesome thing in all the world...

Then the lone owl hooted, long and low and gray. Shadows of wisdom that nearly lost themselves in the quiet hiss of the snow itself. It was then that I knew I had been wrong....

So so very wrong: The night had just gotten infinitely more awesome.

This is my submition for week for of therealljidol on the topic: Moments of devistating beauty. Thank you for reading.
Tags: lj idol, lji s6, ljidol week4
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