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tallahasee days, part three

Wow!!! Breakfast at RFOC or Real Food On Campus at eight o'clock! Richard, the O and M instructer came to pick me up and take me to the union today at eight o'clock this morning.
After that we went to the AT lab in the stone building where I got to play around with the new pac mate and it is absolutely awesome!! It is so much better than the old ones that have been out, the case is better, it is lighter, and there a lot more function keys on it than the older one I do get to play with one of the older ones, but I am not going to complain.
I finally registered for class after a rather long process with some medical information. I wanted to take two classes, but they wanted to make sure I had enough money.
I went for lunch, then and came back from there. After that I had a mobility assessment and I was able to have a nice long lesson where Richard showed me how to get to the union from my dorm. He also took me to the bank so I could deposit some money I got out and put some money on my FSU card for vending machines and stuff.
After that it was back to the AT lab for the schedule reading and changes. I told Linda that I had deposited enough money to take the music class, so they let me register for that while I was there. I am sooo extremely glad I am taking that class!! I can finally use my voice for something other than random songs!! I love singing, and nowwellnow I am taking to music classes, one of wich may even be able to transfer in as an elective for my liberal arts stuff.!! Yea me!!! I know I probably should have thought about taking something a little more degree focused, but at this point, I don't are! I want to take something that interests me and hang the degree for the time being.Then we sort of hung out there. We all went to the communications building at one point during the day to get cable and some phone stuff for our rooms.
After all that, Lea, Cathrin and I had dinner together at RFOC and had a good long talk.
Then they walked me back to the dorm and Cathrine asked me questions on the route which I answered as well as I could, as it had only been the first run through.
I got back to my room and my RA came in to tell me that they are having some meetings on Sonday for the hall and floor, so I would need to be there for those.
I really can't wait for those, because then I will be able to meet all the people I'll be living with for the next seven weeks or so.

The Phoenix
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