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Activities of the last few days

Sunday I went up to see my Grandma in St. Pete with my Mom. For those new to the list, she has Altziemer's and is in a nercing home up there. Mom and I went, and we had a nice time. We walked around target and Borders and came home with a few things. One of which was a bowl for Lou for water while there, and the other was a seriously discounted Abraham set that included the basic teachings, Ask and it is given (woooooootness, I now have audio Abraham!) And Law of Attraction. fifty buks, ya'll. Fifty freaking bucks for about fourteen or fifteen CD's. You'd better believe I was all over that stuff! (Or that shit, as I was first going to right) Just... eeeeeeeh, Abraham! Squiiiiiiiiiisviiiillle!

Ok done now...I think? :d

We also talked to Grandma for a little: Mom about the family, me about what I was up to, and mom more about the family. That was really kind of meat. Especially since it gives me a chance to figure out what's going on with them also, especially since sometimes I don't talk to the rest of my family like I probably should and stuff.

I also sang a bit for her, and played the flute (Native style) for her. We'd started out outside, but moved into an art studeo for air conditioning purposes. The songs and stuff were actually interspursed with the conversations. It was just really a nice time. Mind you this is stuff we don't really get to do when Grandpa is there, mainly because I don't go when they do. I'm not in the mood for grampa's crap. I love him, but I have no respect for the man. None whatsoever. And the one time I did go, they put mom into the van drove her and us out for lunch, then took her back, so we couldn't really do that much talking/visiting like we did this ttime. That...all that was just really really nice. Especially since she was awake for part of it, and alert, and smiling and stuff. It was just...I'm glad I went. Just really really glad I went.

On the way home Mom and i stopped at an outlet mall and walked around, just to see what was there, and while we didn't go into the stores it was nice to just get out for a while. We walked around, and Mom managed to stay behind me for most of the trip so I could work Lou whaich was awesome. And he did very very well. I'm so damn proud of my boy, seriously. Just..his work is so damn flawless sometimes. I couldn't have asked for better in a dog.

We stopped at Sonic before we headed completely home for the day where I crashed in front of thecomp and din't move for the rest of the night...just, i didn't. It felt sooo so damn good to do that. heh.

I really Am glad I went, and glad I invited myself to go when mom talked about going becausesomething in bte back of my head told me to...because...we don't think she is going to be here much longer. We even said that on the way home. I told her about this, about me wanting, almost needing to go, because something in the back of my head was saying, "Go...go, because this may well be the last time you see her." Just...I listen to that. I really do try to listen to that...

FgCU is always fun. This time wasn't any different. Randy and I had a little bit of an interesting time finding each other. We had first decided to meet at Subway, but since I was right there at Einstines, I decided to go for a baggle. So then we decided it would be a good idea to meet outside *there* instead of Subway, so we ran circles trying to find each other (And playing phone tag) until he decided it would be a good idea to go back toSubwayand meet there. I managed to find someone to guide us over there, and we met up, finally.

Sooo then e talked about some things, and decided we both wanted a drink from the machine down by the smoker's station (Which ended up being out oforder) we went back to Subway and got them there. By this time, Stephanie had called Randy and wanted to meet us, so we waited for her.

After we met her, we walked back to the smokers' station )With an amusing bathroom trip for me along the way) and hung out with some people there talking and laughing and just generally having a good time. It felt soo good to be outside doing just relly really did. We ended up going back to Einsteins for a bit, but after Stephanie went to class, I wanted to go back to Randy's dorm and hang out for a bit. I high jacked his computer for a little, and then we headed to the Ail house for dinner. Stephanie wanted to get a couple things for Lou, and she's a hard one to say no to, so we ended up doing that...and she got a raw hide...which we ended up tausing because apparently it makes his gums bleed. (Not at all surprised) yeah. I wasn't too pleasedwith her, but...I'm not sure how to tell her no sometimes, sooo.

We ended up down by the gazebo until it was time for me to come back home, which I did about an hour earlier because I wasn't sure when the pick up was. It ended up being at six fifty three, not at five fifty three like I thought.

I'm glad I get to do just really is a lot of yeah.

Yesterday was a bum around the houseday where I helped mom with laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, stayed in PJ's for most of the day and was generally the lazy/productive little thing. Yes yes, contradictions, leave me alone, heh.

Today was voice lessons and being behind the computer due to my participation in the therealljidolgreen room. :d

Catch updone, you may now return to your regularly scheduled activities.

Until the next stretch of wings. . .
the Phoenix
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