The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

[lj idol] week 0-introduction

There is one who sits behind this computer for hours a day.(And some say too many ours a day) A person some people consider sane; others may say this one is as crazy as someone who walked out of a loony bin. This one no longer cares what others think. They will do as they wish. This one will, however, consider their affect on others and temper how they do things according to this, but this one will not compromise their concept of reality for anyone. Not anymore. Even if that concept has changed over the years to reflect something completely different than they had ever thought possible, or could ever have imagined for themselves.

They live in an environment that is quickly teaching them that doing this is a very very bad idea. They also live with parents, a guide dog, three cats, and some of the most awesome people they could have ever hoped to have met. Most of which are here on this journal. Some of which live...elsewhere. It is not this one's place to say where that elsewhere is, however.

This is the second time this one has participated in lj idol, and they hope to get out of it what they did on their first turn around the idol clock; a deep and honest look at who they are, and what they will become as they ride this roler coaster of a competition for as long as the votes allow them to. One thing they hope to become is a friend. Another thing they wish to gain is a lively sense of what it means to be surrounded by old faces and new. They would wish to remember what it is like to be surrounded by familiar writing styles and new ones. To be immeshed and uplifted by the senses of humor that are embodied in their fellow contestants. To gain a better mastery over their writing, as well as their skill at revising. Every competing season is different. Why should this season be any different?

They are thinking this as they finish this post; as they tell you that much has changed and yet much has stayed the same. Much is still yet to be discovered. As many others have stated, this one hopes you will come to know them through their entries. However insane they may seem to you, or to those you know. However weird and whacky they might tturn out to be.

This one's first introduction can be found here.
If there are questions ask here or there. This one assures you: They will not bite. Or not without a very good reason, anyway.

This is the first entry being posted for therealljidol. This one thanks you for reading.
Tags: lj idol, lji introductions, lji s6
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