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I woke up this morning at six thirty. Mom had told me last night to have my cell phone on so she could call me, but stupid meI thought I would surprise her by being down there before she would have a chance to call. I didn't know that you couldn't see from the outside who was coming and going. So I came down without cell phone, purse or anything. I was talking to the girl at the front desk when Mom came in all upset. She had been trying to call for the last tten minutes with no answer. She was rather upset and talked about just wanting to take me home She started crying and I hugged her and apologized. She was like when I tell you specifically to do something you completely ignore me and things like that. She was worried about leaving me on a campus this size. I told her that I thought the people could be seen that were coming and when she explained that she couldn't see me, I was extremely apologetic.
We went for breakfast which was keesh, doughnuts and severl different kinds of juice. It was on the second floor of the Student Services building which Mom had difficulty finding. She is very high strung, so of course she was getting frustrated and saying some rather interesting things. We finally found it, though and had a very nice breakfast. Then we went to the bank to open an account and get our FSU cards. After that we had lunch. Mom had gone to wal-mart again and got me some other things. She got me a phone, some rugs to place around my room and a plastic storage bin to put stuff in, like food and the likd. After that she left and I am now here in my room with my room mate who showed up just as were leaving for lunch.
I think also that I lost my cell phone some where, so I am not too happy about that at the moment. My room mate Gilian was nice enough to take me back to the union so we could look for it. I am totally freaked out right now!! Like totally!!
I thanked her profusely for walking me everywhere and apologized for not being at my best.
Also while I was at lunch, I met one of the other visually impaired students that is not in the program I was in and we talked about a lot of stuff, music, books, classes, food and the like. His name was Governoryep, you read right and from the snatches he was humming, I could tell ye had an excellent voice!!
Oh yeah and one more thing. I'm still going to have to register for class tomorrow! I have a stupid ass medical hold on my record because the doctor didn't fill the form out right and there was one side of another form that mom forgot to fill out! We tried and trrid and tried to register, but every time we tried the medical hold notice kept coming up. One of the instructors, Linda, talked with Cathrine, who is the head of the program, and she called the doctor's office, but just as she was getting somewhere, they closed the office for the day. Girhrhrhrhrhrhr!!!So now it's register for class tomorrow along with all the other stuff that needs doing. What a day!!

The Phoenix
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