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My first day at Tallahassee

K yalls,

It's Wednesday and I'm finally here!! Yayayayayayayayay!!!
I got in at nine o'clock and moved in. Mom and I went to wal-mart for some stuff and brought it back to the room. We got me some new tops and shorts, some food, some grooming stuff and some caffeine. I was the first one in, so I got to pick which dresser and desk I wanted and the bed. I unpacked all the stuff, clothes and my few personal things I had brought. I brought my native American flute which mom was not too pleased with, but she didn't take it from me, either.
So then it was off to a safety course where we learned about some services that they have here on campus and what is made available to us here. They have over three hundred police officers here and a service that is called safe escort that starts at about seven at night. They have emergency call boxes all around campus for ust to make use of. They told us not to be afraid to use them even if it's for something little. They said, if it was anything that made us feel uncomfortable then use it.
then we had dinner, which was a pizza and soda affair where all of us got to meet and mingle with others and where they told us all about the schedule and what would go on. Mom was there for all of this, and throughout all this she was getting lost and frustrated at getting lost. She was worried about leaving me on a campus of this size. This is not exactly a small campus, it can house at least thirty thousand students and it is on about seventy five achers of land. Me being, wellsensitive to that sort of thing, you all can just imagine the headache I had after all that. It didn't help that sometimes that sort of thing communicates itself to me and will sometimes make me in that type of mood.
When dinner was done and we had met our instructors, we went back to our dorms for the evening and night. My room mate still hadn't shown up, so I was able to spend the first night by myself. I slept pretty good for all it was my first night here. It also helped that I had spent the previous night in a hotel.
I'm exgremely glad to be here, and as soon asI can break out the pent up side of me the better!!!

The Phoenix
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