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Because I'm in the mood to write things out now

I feel horridly horrible because I've been home for about a week, and not only have I neglected this place, but I've alsso been a horrible slacker on my weekly prompts for the two coms I moderate. I assure you that will be fixed. If not by today, by tomorrow at the latest.

Somewhere at the beginning of July I had the pleasure of attending my first ACB convention ever. It was a lot of fun, and I met a hell of a lot of people, dogs, nifty little gadgets, and a new sense of confidence.

I went to the GDUI reception at the spurr of the moment (Which ment I missed the FIA poetry reading), the Environmental access seminar (of which I lit out early from) the LUA book player seminar (Aso lefte early from) part of the FIA luncheon (food was pretty good) the meet the booksense presentation (want want want!) Access 411 )meh) and a couple of other things, also.

I also met up with a boatload of LJ friends for lunch/dinner/just to hang out, and that was awesome too. Naturally I spent a lot of my time in the GDUI sweet hanging out, and in the exhibit hall, where I actually got to be a bit of a geek in front of Dan on Tuesday (Yes, that Dan: the one who drives me home on weeknights) which was really kind of cool because I got to show him a side of me that he probably didn't know I had.

The people that I remember meeting, if only briefly are:
anglwings303 )Hi registration desk and tweet up!)
baxaphobia (How awesome was it to meet just befor our dinner! :])canadian_diva
braillereader (Hi tweet up!)
(interesting conversationalist)
(Awesome person who I would dearly love to meet for lunch again sometime in the not so distant future)
kerrisayshi )hi tweet up!)
lisasali(who is made of all sorts of awesome and win for all sorts of various reasons)
maiamoves (Same applies)
loveable_leo )Crazy two second meeting, wish we could have caught up more. :d)
pawpower4me (Wee our dogs are nuts! lol)
sophiahagia (Welcome back to my world! :])
twirlandswirl (dinners were awesome, company even more so. :])

I roomed with rnb_capricorn Which was awesome: We ended up doing our own thing and it worked out really awesome.

I won't write about the IPhone because everyone else has, but I thought it was really really neat that Apple's grying to make things like that accessible out of the box: I hope it continues.

The booksense is something I want to have yester-freaking day for more than one reason. I would also like to have a new braille-only note taker)That includes a braille display, thank you) because as much as I love my packmate, having something to do braille on would be awesomesauce. Also, also, that netbook from Sarotech is sweet! Just fucking sweet.

The problem, of course, with most of this stuff is the price: It's so freaking expensive to be blind! Just the book sense alone was $450, and no I'm not kidding. The ID Mate (A barcode scanner) was $1,395. WTF, none of us can aford any of this. I seriously don't know how these guys stay in business with this freaking economy. Seriously.

I do wish I could have met more of you and hung out with others of you for longer, but with everything that went on, I was lucky I was able to spend as much time with thedozen or so of you that I did.

We came home on Wednesday afternoon only to head a few hours later to sonnic for dinner.

Mom dropped us off and ended up staying around, which oddly enough ended up being a good thing: She helped us out at the end.

They were playing a hell of a lot of Michael Jackson (Exclusive, in fact) while we wated. for the acts to start and the people to get into their seets.

Vaughn started, and one of the songs he did was "In your Shoes" I can't remember the other ones he did, but holy shit that man's voice. The things it did to my poor mortal body should be against several state and federal laws. (Don't ask: it'll be TMI)

Then India came out, and did songs from almost every single one of her albums: Ghetto, Video, Not my Hair, Broun Skin (scream fest) and others. And holy shit that girl can sing! She also played her guitar for some of the songs, and it was just really really awesom. (Now want her albums, yes, yes I do.)

Then it was John's turn. Don't ask me to remember everything he did: I can't. He did a lot of his hits, and then some, and during PDA... we got taken up to the stage and spent the whole entire second half smashed against it, quite litterally. There are no words. Just no freaking words for that. Mom came in at the end, and the guards and the lady who got us up there were trying to pull us away, but rnb_capricorn and I weren't having any of that. We weren't leaving until it ended: I've never left a professionally done concert in a venue before it was over, I wasn't about to start then. So... so then I got my wish: He did if you're out There, and I screamed... yet again.

The whole experience was just awesome, the energy, the songs (Which included, Used to Love you, Ordinary People, Get Lifted, I can Change, Everybody Knows, a host of others) the awesome people around us... just freaking amazing.

and now I've been home for a week, and while things have changed a little, Mom is still her worry wort self: I still feel like I'm stuck here, especially sinceI officially have no travel classes )And feel as if I can't go anywhere because even if I use the buses I don't have a GPS to tell me what streets I need to cross at my destination end) and I sometimes feel like (Along with my self, I won't deny that) they hold me back some. I know I shouldn't let them, but as someone can attest, it's not the easiest thing to do when the circlejerk comes into play.

Anyway, that's about it for the catch up post: you may now return to your regularly scheduled lj programming.

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