The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

I am alive

I'm in pain, damnit!I'm crampy, grumpy, and I feel like I'm wearing a fucking pain belt. This is because, not only does my lower back hurt, I have the stomach cramps. This means that my entire lowerbody from the back all around to my stomach hurts like a son of a bitch. Even when I sit down I'm like "Oh shit, fuck... damn."

Oh and did I mention that down there hurts, too? I *did* sayTMI... This can stop any time now, thanks. It's a good thing I have something fun to do tonight, otherwise I'd be little mis bitch and wouldn't give a flying fuck.

Book questions. I've heard about a series mentioned around the flist that has books dealing with a certain Kushiel. Kushiel's Mercy and Kushiel's Chosen come to mind. Which one is the first (I know there are more than just these two) and who are they by? I want to read them, damnit all. :d

Until the next stretch of wings. . .
the Phoenix
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