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A few days late, but oh well...

Computers, my dear phoenix fans, can be a real pain sometimes!!

Tuesday, I had a computer class that was supposed to run along the lines of excel and learning how to do formulas and the like...but thanks to my partial laziness, and part wanting sighted assistance, and it totally slipping my mind I had forgotten to call freedom scientific about the following problem.

For those reading who don't know, I use a screen reading program called JAWS for Windows. That said, on my laptop when I would go into MS word, it wouldn't read properly. It would tell me what Iwas typing, but every time I tried to arrow up, down, or tried to backspace all it would say was "blank, blank."
Needless to say, my teacher called freedom scientific while I was still in the room and the person on the phone ran her through various quick fixes, stuff having to do with the view menu, display settings in the control pannel, and the like. However after he had her change the display it wasn''t reading things that wer on the desktop properly then. I would hit the letter I for internet explorer, but it wouldn't say that it was on internet explorer, in point of fact, it didn't say anything at all. He came to the conclusion that it was a problem with the vidio driver in the laptop, which later a friend of mine, who I have mentioned before, seconded after doing remoat assistance on the machine in question. The person from FS wanted us to go to dell to find out about the video driver, but my teacher was lost on where to go to find it. See she is not a native speaker or thinker of English, so when she didn't find downloads, she was sort of lost on where to go...I was just as lost as she, though, as I had not yet been to dell's site and didn't know where to go myself., on said friends suggestion, to call!!! Mind we now have spent about two hours on this thing. So I call dell, and it's the usual run of menu options, if it's this press this number if you have a question about this, press this number....menus suck!! Anyway I manage to finally get a live person to find out that I am a gold customer service client and so get transferred there. Luckily for me the wait time wasn't all that long.

The customer service rep, name of Cheryl was very helpful and not at all impatient sounding, she sort of treated me child like, but I think it was more because my voice sounds younger over the phone than my actual age range would and not because I am blind.
Anyway I told her what was going on, so she had me go into the device manager to find out the version of the vidio driver. We found the version and Cheryl told us that it was the latest one out. Both me and my teacher were like, oh great, just wonderful. *sarcastic* Cheryl told me that if I thought the video driver got corrupt that we could uninstall and reinstall it, so we did that. So now..back to word..."don't be surprised if I hit the mute button if this doesn't work because I will be screaming," My quote to Cheryl.

In to word, typing...back spacing... ... It says... T A...oh thank all the gods and stars...and everything in the Valdemarran havens!! LOL
Then Cheryl gave me a case number and her rep ID number and the problem was fixed. Needless to say we got absolutely nothing done in the way of teaching on Tuesday...nothing at all.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, I just kind of sat around and played on the internet. I spent most of the morning copying books on to my hard drive and I am still not done with that. Grandma came over and Mom took her out to get a massage, so I was left to my own devices once again.

There is this thing called paltalk which is absolutely cool. It's another voice and text chat type of thing and it has groups and stuff you can join. It's Awesome. I was in a group with some native American people and they are absolutely wonderful to talk with, so knowledgeable and so incredibly wise and intelligent. Or, at any rate, the ones I spoke with were. I don't mean to disrespect here, but there are more than likely some out there who are just the opposite. I wouldn't even dream of disrespecting anything like that since the family feels that we may have some native American in us along with all the other mix of things. LOL

Today is another computer class and maybe this time we can actually get something done. I would like to get at least some excel training in before I leave for Tallahassee. BTW it's exactly one week from today, yayayayayayaynessnessnessness!!! I am extremely excited, you just have no stinkin' clue!!

Anyway I suppose I should get going so I can finish my chores before twelve thirty roles around and I have to sit down for three mor hours with my teacher. I will not be taking calls during that time, so do not be surprised if the phone goes straight to voice mail.

I hope all are doing well and please be good to each other.

Love, light, brightest blessings and god bless to all,

The Phoenix/firebird of Valdemar, LOL *sorry all just had to do that, (wicked grin)*
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