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ner at yahoo!!

Hey all you phoenix fairers,

I totally forgot about yahoo's stupid customer care thing in order for us to join groups via the web!! It is sooo damn stupid!! You have to, like everything else, type a word that you see in the picture and in order for us to do this, since we cant, we have to send requests to join groups to customer care reps. You all know how drawn out that can be.

So now I am going to have to ask someone to invite me into the group in order to circumvent this.

Ner at yahoo!!!

In other news, the same thing happened in church this morning. I seriously don't feel as if I belong there. It is a good thing that I only have one more Sunday to go. It really wasn't all that bad since we skipped aboutt hree Sundays before going back this week. But still... Tallahassee's calling me like mad and it's not just the church situation. I don't know whether it is all just memmories, I really, despite some opinions to the contrary think it's the house. It has a presence to it all its's almost as if it's alive. Don't ask me why I think this, because I wouldn't be able to tell you, just this feeling I have. This house is alive, it just sort of is. I can feel it in me.

Anyway I suppose I'll go for now because dinner's just about done and my grandparents are here.

More from me later, I would think...

The Phoenix
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