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day's end and a good one.

Hey phoenix fans,

I have good news all around thistime, yayayayay!!

First of all, My parents finally have bedroom furniture!! Yea!!! They got it yesterday and mom is very pleased with it, as is my dad. I really think this will help my mom's mood concerning the house. She is already planning the curtains and things to coordinate with the furniture.

Next, this has been a day of fun!! Mom and I went to Naples, Old Naples, in fact. This is a place that is in Naples that has different shops, restaurants and the like. More of a girl's place unless there are some men on this earth who like to shop. LOL I think I know one reading this who does, but...
I bought me a CD of native aAmerican music by an artist name of Mary Youngblood. I am listening to it now and it is absolutely brilliant!! I also went to Circuit City earlier this week, as all of you may re call. LOL
Well, Isuppose this is all afor now. I hope to write soon and maybe I won't stay away as long. LOL

The Phoenix
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