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OK alls,

I am completely in a random mood tonight as you can probably tell by the subject. I have had nothing but rain these past few days outside at any rate. The thunder storms really aren't as bad as the way my emotions are runninginside at the moment. I am think that maybe I am not over this whole thing with B as much as I would like to think I am. Anyway, I suppose that will be some later entry. It is a long an complicated ramble upon which, right now at any rate, I wish to avoid turning my thoughts.

I have finished the Whit Gryphon by Mercedes lackey and it is a brilliant book. But then again since I have felt a sense of realism from mearly every work put out by her I am not surprised at myself for saying such things. I am now reading the Silver Gryphon which provesto be interesting as well. Lik a lot of her books it starts out with a minimum of action, but it is already starting to get interesting.

I have been wondering what it would be like to live in a world like that...just wondering mind. I am so interested in people and cultures that even those created by authors of Sci fi and fantasy novels fascenate the hell out of me. Hell, even my own cultures I am in the midst of creating fascinate me, and I am author of them. Would figure that the author herself seems outside of what she is writing. At any rate, I suppose I should be endign this. It is nearly time for me to hit the bed and since I have a headache I am much inclined to follow the prombtings of my body. I shall write soon I suspect.

The Phoenix *falling head over heals for Valdemar!!!*
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