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OK...second update

Well phoenex fans,

next installment. I'm sort of bored right now, so forgive me if I ramble a bit, but I just kinda feel like writing. I've been in both my classes and am just kinda burnt out. I should probably be doing homework, but I'm just kinda sitting in my room on freedom chat wondering what to do next.
I have a fifteen page interview paper due in two weeks and don't have near enough material for it yet. So keep sending those positive vibes!!
I also have an interview due next week and I have to present it for class. Shouldn't be all that hard, I'm not nearly as worried about this presentation as I was for the one in my science class this past Monday.
Again it's I'm glad the weekend's nearly here, but I will probably be staying 'round here for V-day. The other girls are going out, but I just don't know if I want to.
I'd much rather stay home and sing or talk to good friends on the computer...shouldn't be like that, but Jack's coming home and I'd really like to talk to him again.
Tomorrow's a very exciting day for the couple...and myself as well...knowing the both of them. Two months till they meet!! So very cool!!!

Anyway I guess I'd better head off since my room's starting to pick up and I can actually carry on conversations with a few friends I know.
Nice to se you on here, Sara...I rather missed talking with you. LOL
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