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tagging frenzy

Has it really been six years since I began my journey with LJ? It seems somehow hard to believe. It is also hard to believe that this entry will be my 1551st. Most of my entries are in total disorganization, however, which is starting to make me all kinds of frustrated and a little sad.

Looking back, I probably should have tagged from the ground up, because now if I do want to tag, I have to go back and manually do it, and the thought of tagging 11550 entries does not fill me with joy. What-so-effing-ever. But then again back then, I didn't think I would need tags, so I didn't use them. Now though...

Why does the perverbial hindsight have to be 2020? ug...

Lazy after birthday Sunday where dad had to go to work {really really odd} Mom went over to Grandpa's to clean up {not at all unexpected} and where they went out to get coshions for the pontoon boat that was purchased several months ago.

Mom did reiki on me, and I'm beginning to wonder about some things. She used a pendulum. She told me that it would spin clockwise, then counter clockwise and that meant everything was ok, but that if it started going back and forth, there were issues. So... she did it and wherever it did that, she used her finger to stir the energy counterclockwise to remove the negativity, then brought the love and peace and stuff in by stirring clockwise with said finger. Something about that just... I dunno, seemed a little weird for me. It seemed to help though, I got chills all through my body and then a warmth after, but something seemed to tell me that I might do it a little different. Is this... like normal or something?

I told her about how my teacher said to do it, {full self treatment, or full body treatment on someone else that takes about a half hour} and she was like, woe.

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have gone to the level one to figure out the differences between the way D... teaches and my first reiki teacherdid his thing. It was so many years ago, though... I wonder how much I would have remembered.

Mom went to wal-mart to pick up some things, and just now got back. It's nice to have had the house to myself for the most part all day. Or at least that's what it's felt like with Dad asleep and Mom running around. I might go on a JD robb kick now that I have enough to feel like I can sort of reconstruct the series without the huge book gaps that I'd had before acquiring several of the most recent titles. Even if they can be red on their own, it's kind of nice to know that I can go from 1 title to another and pick up the references you'd otherwise miss if you have the misfortune of reading them out of order. Thankfully those references are somewhat explained throughout the books so you know what the hell they talk about. Still having Naked, Glory and Immortal in Death {books one, two and three respectively} and being able to read them straight through is going to be a treat in and of itself. :)

the Phoenix
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