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Hey all,

This really hasn't been a very active day unless you want to count going grocery shopping active. I did pick up a new CD from circuit city, though it wasn't exactly what I wanted. They didn't have my three first choices, so I had to go with Gloria Estefan, not that I minded, it is just at this point in time, that is not the section I wish to play fattening to.

Anyway, I am still playing prey to Valdemar, much to my intense pleasure. I love those books!! I am so wishing I had an entire case of tapes so I could record the ones I have. There's like five of them I have and I want to send the other ones back so I can gather in more. I actually own a lot more than five, but I have five from the L O C and I want to pick up more, especially since there are some I do not have on my DVD that B sent me. I will give him credit for one thing and that is that he has a nack for finding rarities.

So, the rainy season has begon, readers, phoenix fans and all interested partys. Yes, it certainly has begun, which basically means it is officially hurricane weather. It has rained every dayfor the past three and we are supposed to get more throughout the week and weekend. So those who have me on MSN do not be surprised from here on out if I have to make a rather too quick exit.

And now...I was first level reiki attoned Saturday!!! Yea!!! I am going through the cleansing period right now amd my stomack is kind of punky, but it's nothing really major. I have heard that level two is infinitely worse, but I cannot vouch for the validity of that as I have not gone through it yet. I have heard it from two sources, though, so there must be some truth to it.

Anyway I guess that's it for now and I hope to write soon. Take care all till next time.

The Phoenix
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