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make u[p for five days

OK yalls,

I'm sorry I haven't posted in seeming ages, but it just didn't seem important for some of the things I've been doing.

I have been caught up in Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar and Velgar longer than anyone would ever imagine a person could be.
I don't think my reading could be paralleled this time, except for the times when I had no Internet access and the only thing I could do was sit in front of a tape player, which I gladly did. Anyway I have finished the Harolds trilogy and nightdrake, Talya is absolutely fabulous!! I doubt even I could equal that sort of bravery. Talk about courage in the face of all dangers!! The closest any other characters come are nonhumans. Scandranon for one.

OK now for the day's activities.

Yesterday Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a cook book for dad and mom also tried to look for some music with no success. So I left with nothing of course because I am trying to save money for a class of mine I wish to take which I shall describe later. Anyway we came home and had Grandma and Grandpa over for spaghetti. I had rum and coke, made with Pepsi instead and some mountain dew later. I then talked with Aerikah, Robin and...night shadow...then it was bed time. oooh!! Can't forget that I talked with Little Cat as well and she showed me some of her D day clips which were quite interesting. I very much enjoyed them.

Today we went out to breakfast at IHOP or International House Of Pancakes. I will not be eating for the rest of the day!! I had steak and eggs with came with hash browns and toast and two cups of coffee. Mom had potato pancakes. I can't remember what dad had. Though I do remember that dad and mom both had two cups of coffee as well. After that we went to several yard sales and the shopper's bizarre. At the shopper's bizarre which is more of an indoor flea market, I seriously got the shock of my life. A terry Brooks book ontape that didn't belong in the Shannara catagorie!!! I picked up Tanglebox, a book in the Landover series of novels. I was in shock the rest of the trip. I love those books and to fine onecomercially done is like findign a gold nugget in a vane that has been thought dry for months or even years. I also picked up a story called Shadow Dawn which is a continuation of the stories on Willow Offgood.
At yeard sales we picked up several CD's that were a dollar apiece the names of which have slipped my mind at the moment. I do know that one was by Allan Jackson one of the few country singers I profess to having a liking for. I have just returned home to sit in front of the com again and take myself off to the world of books. I will get to e0-mails, have no fear for that. Just give me a few days more and perhaps I should be back to having the energy.
By the way, the calass I aspoke of is the first level Riekki class. I will be first level attuned by day's end, yea!!!! I have been qwanting this for a very long time and I am profusely thanking the universe for making this happen, thought it is at the cose of three voice lessons. LOL Ah well, I will have voicelessons before I go off to school. I said I wanted some, but the thing is, I didn't specify when. So....I suppose this is it for now and I hope to write soon....sooner than this last stint. LOL

The phoenix
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