The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Happiness meme day 2

1) it feels good to be able to map out my spending. :)
2) I heard a read-sholdered hawk this morning. Their voices always make me happy.
I'm thinking of trying to back up my journals {yes again} the thing is, I'll miss my comments. :( but I don't want to lose my entries either, especially in here. a little over eight years is a lot...

I've been reflecting on how best to describe the whole computer thing to my parents, and have just decided to let it lie for now. I still don't agree with them that the computer controls my life, though. And the more I think about it, the more the fact that my dad said that *he* would give my dog a bath if *I* didn't pisses me off. It just really does.

A nother thing: Just because you don't talk to me like a child/baby doesn't mean you can't be condescendingly voiced, either. Choppy speach and spit out words in this sort of high piched voice constitutes that, too. Seriously.

Ah well; enough of that. :d

I used one of Lush's shampoo bars this morning, and am now inlove. :) it is so incredibly awesom to know that this thing will last me a hell of a lot longer than liquid shampoo, too, and it lathers so much better IMO. Just... wow.

I have the life coach tomorrow; she has Mom on Friday. I am thinking Mom'll be bringing up the compie thing again; I'm prepared for that. I may; I may bnot, it depends. But the more things like this happen, the more I want the fuck out of here. and the less my tolerance for such things grows.

Until the next stretch of wings. . .
the Phoenix
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