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Can this be just me?

Hey all,

There's a couple of things I want my readers to know right friends, well most of them, know this already and I have gotten admonishments from them to be careful and I thank them for those because it shows how much they care for me.

I am exploring...yes, I am exploring!! Outside of Christianity nonetheless and because of these explorations, I may jump from an oh my God to something else. The goddess side of me may even come out sometimes, so don't be surprised. LOL

now...can this just be me or is something energy shifting? I can feel something shifting energy wise and I don't know what it is. It feels as if something is shifting, it's precarious as of right now, but it feels like something is about to fall into place, some piece of something that I or someone close to me has been waiting for. I feel when this happens the peace it will bring will be immense. But...the shifting is in the stomach, that's where I feel it the most. Sometimes I will feel it in the head area as well...sort of a slight pressure or sometimes a small headache that only lasts five minutes or so. Many times when I've said these things to others they think I'm like completely gone mad or something, like maybe I am just suffering and nothing else. When I try to take pain killers for the headaches that last longer than a few hours, depending on intensity, they do not help. A couple of times I have had pressure in the sinuses, but I know there is nothing there.

So...just me? Or am I truly this earth sensitive?

I talked with Monte Cristo again today and the whole Alberech (the weapons master thing mentioned in previous entry. The person in situation is not actually named the afore mentioned name,) situation seems to be resolved in some respects. Of courses MC says he cannot remain too close to the person in said situation which, of course is understandable.

Sorry guys again for such crypticism, but right now it is way too fresh for me to talk of it objectively. The whole situation deals with a hypocrisy that is appalling to even me, explorer that I am, and that, as some may know, is saying something because it is rare that I completely cut ties with a person as I have now done with this said Alberech player. This person plays with a master, Alberech of course, much more skilled than they, and they also play with a fire they feel they can control, which in reality will turn out to be their worst enemy. It will turn on them with a swiftness that no one will be able to foresee and with no warning at all.

For those who do not know who Alberech is, he is a weapons master from the Valdemar series who Is very skilled in many weapons of death and its dealings. He can handle Arrow, knife, dagger and sword with the greatest of ease. He can handle more weapons than this, of course, but those are the ones I could think of rright off top of head.

I also got a few phone calls, yea!! V called and so did new friend, nightshado...AKA Dean. Hey mate, hope you like the aname. LOL It seems to suit for some reason...coments? LOL Seriously though, if you want me to wait till we talk more an I can judge your character called Brian, you guys. He messaged me as well on MSN and we had a pretty good talk. I still don't think it's going to be the same I'm still into crystals, I still rely on myself and on them for some decisions...maybe I'm going about this the wrong way, but if I get a sensation from one of my shels or one of my crystals that I should be careful around one person or other, then I follow that.

I will be gone tomorrow because there is a museum that is having an exhibition on the titanic and my mom and I are going to go see it since it is the last weekend it will be here. Rest assured all phoenix fairers, I will recount the whole of everything to you. LOL

Well...we have air!!! Yea!! We were having trouble for the lst day or so with our thermasthat on the A C because it wasn't holding at temperature, so there was no air. The parents called someone out to look at it and they fixed it, but seriously screwed us for money. For an hour's labor, they wanted tow hundred twenty-nine dollars. Apparently for the truck it was eighty dollars, and for the labor itself it was the rest. off? Yeah I would think so!!!

Anyway, I suppose I should go for now and I shall right soon.

The Phoenix
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